My 5 most unusual hair accessories 🖤

Biblioteca had a theme for hair accessories in March and I am kinda late, but still wanted to write a bit and show you some hair accessories from my collection.

I am a gothic and old school lolita, so I love hunting for old and unique pieces to complete my coords and sometimes come across weird and unusual pieces that I instantly fall in love with. I love traditional headwear like rectangle headdress and bonnets a lot, but am even happier if it has something that makes them stand out. For me, it definitely adds a lot of charm.

Without further ado, let me show you some cute unusal hair accessories from my collection, hope you enjoy them!🖤

1. NA+H gauze headdress

This is actually a recent addition from my wardrobe, I bought it a couple of weeks ago. What I fell for immediately is the gauze, unfinished edges and how punk it looks. It is small and subtle, so perfect to wear without a wig too. It is definitely thinner than the average headdress size and probably the most comfortable headdress I own. I think the headdress is from around 2003, definitely pre 2004 as I spotted her in one of the early GLBs in Mitsukazu Miharas section. I definitely think this headdress is one of a kind, so it definitely had to make this selection🤍

2. My devil horns bonnets

Left one is by Fidel David, right one is by Violet Fane

Devil horn bonnets are definitely a little unusal and I finally found ones that suit my style perfectly. I saw them for a longer time by smaller brands not catered to lolita, but when Violet Fane made this black velveteen one, I know it would fit my style perfectly. Then Fidel David showed this red lacy devil horn bonnet in a fashion show and I was completely sold. I love how the Fidel David one has gorgeous lace, can be worn as a balaclava too and fits my modern gothic looks, while the Violet Fane bonnet is more catered to my oldschool looks for me. Both perfect and a little unusual, something I love 🖤

3. Heart E lace bucket hat

This one was a lucky secondhand find years ago and have been obsessed since. I love the 90s vibes and hopefully one day I can find the full white version. I love how much fun a bucket hat is with oldschool lolita, it definitely adds some personality to a coord and some unique touch, which is whyI now own multiple from modern lolita brand Uf too. Definitely needed to be featured here.

4. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright cake hat

I cannot write a blogpost about weird headwear and not include this cake headdress from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. This is super camp, extra and fun to wear with princessy pieces. Absolutely recommend it if you see it around, it makes me smile every single time I pull it out my wardrobe🍰

5. Requiem piano headdress

My final unusual, but very much loved, headpiece is this piano headdress by the lovely Alice from Korean brand Requiem. It is made out of some thick wool and truly well made and gorgeous for some oldschool looks. I remember seeing it back in 2007/2008 for the first time and was thrilled to be able to buy it a few years ago. Definitely another stunner and such a clever design!

I hope you liked seeing some of my unusual headwear for this theme and I hope to be back soon with some posts about florals (for spring? groundbreaking) and more print details.


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