Three different coordinates with AatP Theatre de l’ erreur ~Lost paradise~ JSK I🖤

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a little prompt of one dress – three coordinates. I wear my dresses in many different coords and figured I could participate with one of my favourite prints, Theatre de l’erreur ~ Lost Paradise~ from Alice and the Pirates.

I want to make print closeups of this piece soon and write another blogpost on how I love it and focusing on the details, but for today, let’s look at three different ways to coordinate this!

Lilith inspired

The first coordinate I wanted to talk about, is this Lilith inspired coordinate. Every time I think about the Garden of Eden, I also think of Lilith, Adam’s first wife according to scripture and the first woman to be branded a witch in early theology. So wanted to go with a witchy vibe and what better then to use my I Do Declare blouse? 🖤 The huge tulle sleeves give it a witchy vibe. I also added a Antique Beast hat, a Mossbadger witch brooch and vintage pointy boots to stay in this vibe. As we were still working within a garden theme, I also wanted to add flowers and fruits. Hence the black rose corsage, Mossmarchen embroidery necklace and this offbrand apple necklace. I was first thinking rose tights with this coord too, but wanted to create more visual interest, so went with AatP socks with frames as well to match the frames on the dress.

Floral interpretation

Here is the second coordinate with a more classical and floral approach. More inspired by the actual garden 🖤 I went with these lily tights as I wish I could grow them, sadly they are poison for my kitty, so I only admire them from a great distance. Then I added some orange to bring out that colour and give it a sunny feeling! I felt these colours together really gave a calm garden feel and the accessories highlighted that!

Macabre take on the garden

For the last coordinate, I went with a more macabre feel, begging the question if the garden is paradise or more a graveyard? I symbolized it with memento mori themed tights, after all, remember to die, all is vain. And then with my favorite choker, detailed with a spine and flower, very Hannibal, but also a very vivid reminder of how our bodies are decomposing somehow. I paired it with a big mourning hat, that has sober purple flowers and thought it was all fitting within this macabre take, with the black and purple accents.

I hope you liked seeing my one dress, three ways series! I definitely want to do it more as I truly believe in yhe versatility of our wardrobes and loved pieces! 💜 Thank you for reading and until next time!

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Print Details: Metamorphose Kimono Print Shirring Tiered JSK🌸

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with another print details post, this time for my Metamorphose Kimono Print Shirring Tiered JSK, after a request from my friend Julia for close-up pictures of this particular dress!

Stock photo

First a little story time. This dress got released in 2013 in this cream colourway and in a purple x yellow colourway. I obtained this dress in 2018 when I bought it off Lacemarket from a friend. I fell head over heels for this crane birds fabric print and when it arrived, I was even more stunned by all the details in this print❤️ Also because this dress is fully shirred, it is one of my most comfortable pieces.

So here is my own photo of the dress. The bright red is very striking and I love the numerous ribbons. None of them are stitched, so it is always fun checking of all ribbons are tied before leaving the house haha!

Here is a close up of the print. I absolutely love the crane birds and how colorful this is. Of course the red is very striking, but there is also pink, purple, several green tones, some blue and even gold💕 So it has many coordinate possibilities!

Here is a closer look at the bodice. It is fully shirred and features a subtle gold lace at the top. There are buttons to give even more coordinate options and all of them are covered in fabric, so they don’t stand out too much.

The bottom of the dress is tiered, which is lovely and every tier features red ribbon and a bow. The bottom lace is the same gold lace at the top, which is subtle, but gorgeous.

The buttons go down all the way and are all functional, making it possible to also wear this dress open for more coordinate possibilities ❤️❤️ I love all these details that Meta puts in, they really make sure you can get the most out of your garment when you buy from them!

There is a gorgeous texture in the fabric with a subtle cream print all throughout, giving it more depth. The crane bird is my favorite print detail so had to feature it here!

Here is some close up of the florals, which also shows the gold details a lot better. I love how shiny the gold is and how it is beautifully woven throughout this print.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the print up close and until next time❤️

Story Time: Recreating my favorite street snap🖤

Hi everyone!

Today I have a special story time for you, of how I recreated my favorite street snap after many years of admiring it. Let me first get out of the way that I in no way cosplay this particular person, as I don’t pretend to be her by changing my personality, I just really love the particular outfit this person was wearing and was finally able after many years, to build the same coordinate.

My favorite street snap ever🖤

This street snap has been taken in the early 2000s. All the pieces that she wears are in this time frame, plus I clearly remember coming across this photo in 2007, when I just had begun wearing this fashion, so it has to be before that obviously. I absolutely love how dark and cute it was and saved it to my hard drive, not even knowing what brand these pieces were, just being enamored by them. When I did more research over the years, I learned that she basically wore all Metamorphose and then my quest for them started.

Now, before I get into it more, let me break down all the seperate pieces in this coord and how I tracked them down (story time) !

First of, the Metamorphose Lace Bonnet (2000, rereleased 2004). Acquired 2020, the 2000s version as mine has the curly Metamorphose tag that was discontinued by 2004.

I originally thought this item would be the easiest to find, as old school bonnets were all around during 2010-2015 for reasonable prices as well. Then old school became more popular, both in Japan and in the West and prices skyrocketed. I was also focused on finding the curly tag bonnet, which didn’t make my quest easier. I saw it sometimes as a set with the dress, but at this point I already had the OP and no seller wanted to split them (understandably!). I also had a certain price I wanted to pay for this item, with the argument I could buy it for this price back in the day. Skip to September 2020. My dear friend Sabrina links me the bonnet with the curly tag on Mercari, but for a price I wouldn’t want to pay for it. I however saved it in my bookmarks and thanked her very much. I knew the original listing price for this piece was 7900 yen and honestly hoped to find it for 5000 yen max. A few weeks went by and saw that the seller lowered the price, as the bonnet didn’t sell for their price. I was lucky that the seller was not into the fashion at all, the listing wasn’t using the brand tag for Metamorphose in the search and was decribed as an old frilly bucket hat haha. So I messaged my shopping service to get it for me. It was still more than 5000 yen (I paid retail), but at this point the rest of my coordinate was complete and my patience ran out haha! It arrived in December 2020 and I haven’t regretted getting it for a minute, the condition is perfect, it suits me surprisingly well and it works with many old school looks! I think it is a versatile piece for my wardrobe and cannot wait to wear it out a lot. This was the last piece I acquired for this coordinate, thus being able to recreate this street snap this January!

Then, we go to the dress, the Metamorphose Trumpet Sleeve Babydoll OP (2000). This has also been rereleased in 2004, but I own the 2000s version that has buttons at the back. Acquired in 2019.

Phew, this dress!! This took absolutely a long time to obtain. It basically wasn’t at all on the market until suddenly two per month showed up in 2019/2020 haha. I felt pretty defeated in finding it before this point, as I wanted the original 2000s version with the buttons at the back, that wasn’t showing up at all, compared to the 2004 version. So when my friend Vanessa sold hers as the 2004 version on Lacemarket and DM’ed me to let me know, I checked it out. Then I suddenly saw on her own photos that it had buttons at the back! So she was mistaken, hers wasn’t the 2004 version as the stock photos she used, but the 2000s version. Overjoyed I bid and luckily won the auction under retail! As she was located in Europe, the shipping took a very short time and within days this beauty arrived at my place. It was in good condition and am still overjoyed to own it!

Then we go to the Meta bloomers! I obtained the Metamorphose bloomers in 2015, after they suddenly popped up on Y! Auctions when I happened to have an order open. It was not the most memorable part of this iconic street snap, but was very happy to pick this up, because the raschel lace is just perfect!

Moving on to the matching socks! Fun story, I actually bought these in 2008 and rebought them in 2017 because they were falling apart from all the wear and needed replacement. Luckily these weren’t hard to find, because blessed Meta keeps restocking these, so could buy them new from their online shop both times! Bless them for keeping these oldschool socks in stock.

Then onto the iconic bear bag. This baby eluded me for years. I got scammed, missed out on many auctions and then a JP secondhand shop contacted me in 2020, that they had one in stock, missing the brooch though. Thanks to the help from my lovely shopping service, I was able to buy this baby and bring it back home. He is called Black Philip and he is my son. I still cannot believe I own him. And in the meantime, he has a pretty rose brooch again, as I tracked down a Manifestange brooch from Meta for 5 euros and decided it would be for him haha! He is perfectly complete now!

Then onto the other Meta bag🖤 As you see, it is not the exact same one as the street snap. It is the same model bag, but instead of the swan logo, mine has the crown logo. I was able to track down the crown logo bag in 2017 and chose this one because as the picture also shows, I have lots of things with crowns. It did make more sense with the rest of my wardrobe in the end and I am pragmatic like that!

For the shoes, I ended up choosing another pair as I am not a big fan of buying brand shoes and read many reviews how they weren’t holding up. So for the recreation, I just decided to wear a pair I already owned in the same style, but offbrand.

Then the last cute detail, I got this wig commissioned by my friend Evan, who made it perfectly like the one in the snap with the ringlets. I didn’t chose the same color as the street snap as I didn’t think it would suit me. So ended up with dark brown, which is my natural hair color. I definitely think it looks better on me and can use it in many outfits this way!

Well… Here is the result of the recreation!!

It was such a dream come true to wear everything together and recreate my all time favorite street snap. It meant the world to me to wear this look, that made me fall in love with the fashion😭🖤

I hope you liked reading this, until next time!

My Moi-Meme-Moitie Wardrobe 2021 🖤

Last wardrobe season I showed you the old school side of my wardrobe. I thought it would be nice to do something different this time around, showing my collection of a brand I am very very fond of: Moi-Meme-Moitie 🖤

My first dress as a 14 year old was from this brand, in a streak of extreme luck. And I slowly but surely was able to buy more pieces over the years. It was extremely hard in 2008-2010, not only because I was a teenager with a limited budget, but also because the brand was extremely popular. That declined around 2012-ish, but these last years it has been a very popular brand again with the Wunderwelt revival. It has been harder again to get grip on their items as they get bought immediately, but I love what I was able to get over the years 🖤

I have by no means a huge collection, but I love every piece dearly and hope you love to see my collection🖤 Let’s start with florals!

MmM Rose Polka Dot Tulle OP (2007)

I think this is has been one of my cheapest Moitie dresses, together with my first dress, think I bought it for 90 euros back in the day. The design is so simple and nice, I love the dot tulle overlay that is just a little longer than the dress and gives a nice effect. The waist ties starting at the front are also super flattering. I wore this dress to one of the remote teaparties from Moitie this year and discovered again how versatile it was when I paired it with my Neant Glass necklace. Needless to say, this dress is perfect to me and cannot wait to wear it out more in 2021!

MmM Tulle Rose OP (2007)

It comes with the matching blue ribbon that I forgot to photograph. This dress, what can I say? It came out the year I started and I stared at it for ages. It became very popular and it also came with a matching tote bag that also got sold for high prices. I was very lucky to pick this up in very good condition in 2011 and it has been worn to many occasions since, as it can also be a formal dress with the right styling. It is romantic, it always evokes spring wedding feelings to me. I wore this dear dress little in 2020, also lack of any occasions, but hope to pick her up again in spring. I also wish Moitie would release ivories again, an ivory blouse would be so nice with this!

MmM Blue Rose Chiffon OP (2009)

This iconic dress, where do I begin? In my comm, we talked about getting Iron Gate or this back in 2010, these were the quintessential Moitie pieces back then. Tracking this down took a long time! I found it on Lacemarket finally and paid immediately, only for the seller to take six (!!!) months to get the dress to me. I thought it was lost forever and I was scammed and I was so incredibly sad. I also stupidly paid with f+f, so couldn’t claim money back and just saw it as a big sour life lesson. And then it arrived. In perfect condition. With matching ribbon that I didn’t bother to photograph. I couldn’t look at it first. I had been through all stages of grief and suddenly it was there! I thought about selling it right away. Luckily I didn’t and tried it on and fell in love all over again. I wore it to another remote teaparty from Moitie in spring 2020 with blue rose socks and felt so pretty! I am happy to have it after all!

MmM Rose Double Ribbon JSK (2007)

This has been one of my recent buys and I got very lucky my friend Maria sold me this! I had been low-key looking for it (further in this wardrobe post you see why!) and I was so touched she offered me to buy hers. I love the fit of this, it is VERY short but a super flattering cut and I love it. Also the fabric is some kind of corduroy, which is incredible. Old Moitie dresses can be quite short to wear with high socks and show some thigh and I love that aesthetic. This is no exception! I wore it out around the house already, but cannot wait to wear it out properly again.

MmM Rose Design Print JSK (2001)

Maybe not technically a floral, but it has a rose print, so it counts in my book haha. This gorgeous old Moitie JSK I was able to purchase from my friend over Discord in 2019. I always loved this print, but never saw this cut before and when I did, I was in love🖤 I love longer Moitie dresses and this is no exception. The bodice is gorgeous with little ruffles and it is so flowy! I paired it with a 3F bonnet this summer and felt like a spring maiden haha. Also this 19 years old and in perfect condition, a testament to Moitie’s quality.

Okay, these were my florals, time for some velvets 🖤

MmM Double Ribbon JSK (2007)

I told you that further in my wardrobe post it would become clear why I wanted the rose version of this haha. Because I already had the velvet one and it gets loots of wear! 🖤 The cut is flattering, it is short, I feel happy in this, the velvet is plush, what else can I say? I love it so much I needed the floral version as well, that must say enough about my feelings for this dress haha.

MmM Velveteen Scallop Lace JSK (2005)

My other basic velvet JSK that I wear all winter. I am weak for scallops and Moitie doing a scallop design was enough reason for me to purchase this! It has a slight feeling of wear, but the velvet is still in amazing condition and I love wearing this. A nice basic black dress can never go wrong right?

MmM Rose Cross JSK (2000)

My first dress. My baby. The one that started all this. Also my best budget buy, I paid 80 or 90 euros for this fourteen years ago. I worked after school to get the money together as I was 14 years old at the time. When she came in, I first felt that magical feeling of this fashion and feeling like I could truly express myself and be who I am. Even if I wore this badly the first years in this fashion (noo past me, don’t get cheap raschel lace headdresses from the costume store) and made other questionable purchases , this dress was a perfect first piece. I still wear it, treasure it and will do so forever😭🖤

Now it is time to show the Catholic/religion inspired pieces from Moitie in my wardrobe.

MmM Cross Velveteen OP (2005)

I used to own this dress in the grey x black colourway and in a state of temporary no brain cells, I sold it many years ago. Forever regretted that, until I was able to buy it in this colourway, which I grew to love even more😭🖤 I love the velveteen cross, the puffy shoulders and the subtle lace! The fit is also just fantastic. I have barely been wearing it this year, but 2021 I will make efforts to wear this out more, because it is just so gorgeous!

MmM Cross OP (2018)

I always wanted this dress after seeing it in an old Kera and in a GLB comic back in the day. So when Moitie decided to make a comeback with Wunderwelt and rereleased this, my heart was just bursting with joy! I got it immediately when it got released and it arrived at my birthday, which was the most impeccable timing😭🖤 This is my most worn dress in 2020, I have done nun looks with this, 90s Mana looks, casual goth looks.. And I can keep on going, because I still have so many ideas for this!! Forever a favorite.

MmM Beads Print JSK (2003)

I mean, what can I even write? This mystical dress.. Cannot even believe it is mine. When I saw it on a FB sales group, I clicked on the LM link and bought it, all within 30 seconds. No second thoughts and no regrets. This pleather beauty is is very good condition, I care for it with the utmost respect and I wear the collar seperately a lot haha, that was also a perfect. 2021 is hopefully the year I commission leather arm warmers for this, as the original ones didn’t come with this piece and I don’t think I will ever see them. Then I can completely live my GLB Mana dreams!

MmM Neo Gothic Arch Print JSK (2018)

Fun fact, I was never really into this print until my dear friend Sabrina convinced me by showing her dress. I always preferred Iron Gate over Gothic Arch, but not gonna lie, this is gorgeous. Not only is the print crisp, the cut is one of the most flattering JSKs I have. It is comfortable, flattering and glittery, I mean, you cannot help but love. So I was overjoyed to track down my own in my preferred cut and colourway! I got a surprising amount of wear out of it already and cannot wait to wear it more in 2021!

MmM Iron Gate Print OP (2006)

This mythical beast. I finally tracked it down early 2020 after 13 long years. I had incredible luck as it was for a steal instead of the high prices I saw it sell for over the years. Seller was also within Europe, so it arrived to me in a couple of days, on Valentine’s Day. I cried my eyes out from happiness, it even came with the tag! I still cannot believe I am typing this and took this photo, but she is in my wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier😭🖤 I want to do some more experimental looks with this dress in 2021, but honestly, just wearing it brought me incredible joy!

MmM Divine Cross Print Skirt (2010)

There was a time where I owned the Divine Cross JSK in gold. And sold it, because I didn’t feel comfortable in it. Back in 2012. But my appreciation for the print never faded and slowly I had been wanting it back, but in a simpler colourway and cut. So when I was able to track down the skirt in black and white, I knew it was perfect 😭🖤 It is very easy to mix and match and I love how casually the print looks now. Also the print is just gaudy and perfect, I am so happy to have it back!

MmM Cross Chiffon OP (2000)

There is a short video on Youtube where they interview Japanese lolitas, divided in goths and sweets, I think it is 10+ years old at this point. One of the goths is an artist who draws and she is wearing this dress in the video. Once I saw this dress worn, I was obsessed. I knew one friend who had it and when she left the fashion six years ago, I was able to buy it from her. It is the cutest, most doll like Moitie dress I own and I loove wearing this. I hope to wear it many more times in 2021♥️

Now we got the religious prints covered, we go to the solid Moitie pieces in my wardrobe!

MmM Ribbon Lace OP (2007)

I found this one past year too, without the matching ribbon sadly, but I have one that matches just fine. Otherwise, this is a beauty! Gorgeous cut once again, soft lace and above all, comfortable!! I feel very elegant in this dress and I cannot wait to wear it more soon. I can ramble forever about how good Moitie’s cuts are haha and this is just another example. I love it to bits!

MmM Pleats OP (2003)

I hope you are not tired of me writing yet how perfect Moitie is, but this dress is another one of my babies. Bought it on an auction where I was miraculously the only bidder, got her therefore for a steal and I love her more every year😭🖤 Pleats OP is gorgeous, fits many styles and is just so lovely to wear. Even when the cut is quite boxy, I love her to death!

MmM Shirring OP (2005)

This fabric is just… incredible. It is extremely silky chiffon and I cannot get over it. Also I love the velvet details. I don’t necessarily love the full shirring cut, but it is so nice, we make it work haha🖤🖤 I hope to style this in a more traditional oldschool goth look soon.

MmM Water-Print Tulle OP (2006)

This also has the matching ribbon, just didn’t photograph it again. Water Print is one of those underrated Moitie pieces, I barely see it worn in the community, but it is so nice! It reminds me of stormy days and clouds and it is comfortable as well with the shirring. I can forever lounge in this dress haha.

MmM Juliet Long OP (2018)

I always liked this dress from the original release. My friend Marie has it and she made gorgeous looks with it, it definitely made me love this dress. I however didn’t jump on the rerelease right away, I think I had other priorities. Then one day it was below retail on Lacemarket and within Europe too, so I jumped on it. One week later they were on sale on Wunderwelt haha, but that’s okay😂 I absolutely love how flattering this is, the only thing I was surprised about is that it is not shirred at all, despite the look! I however still love it, it is versatile and I hope to obtain some more white pieces over time to layer with.

MmM Logo Embroidery Jacquard JSK (2007)

This dress I bought to twin with my dear Anna, who has had this piece for years. Couldn’t believe I found another one and knew from hers that it is just exquisite. The jacquard is GORGEOUS, photo doesn’t even cover 1/10th of its beauty. I love the logo embroidery and the best part….

Back bustle!!! I love this dress so much and I cannot wait to make many elegant coords with it🖤

MmM Ladder Lace Tucks Skirt (2004)

This simple oldschool skirt is so versatile and beautiful, it already got lots of wear for that reason. I love the lace with the candelabra and the cut is so nice too! I think Moitie pieces like this skirt are not the most show stopping, but the silent stars. Because they are comfortable, versatile and easy to wear, you secretly wear them a lot. Same with this skirt. I was happy to buy it, but appreciated it so much more now when I see how much I wear it🖤

MmM Stripe Bat Corset Skirt (2020)

I love the assymetrical skirt design and when it came in blue, I caved immediately. However, the skirt fabric is very thin and the corset boning a bit cheap, so it is not my best quality piece. I do really like the fit though and the colour is to die for. I hope to find the other assymetrical skirt design some day, as that fabric is heavier and thus a bit nicer. But ugh, this blue💙

These were my main pieces, now want to show you some layering pieces🖤

MmM Manuscript Print Corset (2001)

I only have one Moitie corset, but hope to add more in the future, I am just very picky. This Manuscript one was love on first sight, I absolutely love the medieval print with the angels and lettering, it is all velvet flocked in the fabric and just so gorgeous! I cannot wait to wear this more! There is a matching skirt, but I think my chances are slim for ever finding that. But who knows!

MmM x Baroque Collab Apron (2019)

I was very excited for this apron and while it took a while to arrive, I fell in love once it was here! I heard complaints about damages from others, luckily mine was fine! I love love the royal blue, but hope to find the white one as well in the future, for some calmer looks, as this is quite striking haha. This was also the piece that got me into wearing Moitie blue, which is not regular in my wardrobe, as you can tell!

MmM Assymetric Hem Gilet (2016)

I was able to buy this from a friend on Instagram last year and it is absolutely stunning!! It is versatile as you can wear the collar multiple ways, which is great. I also love how long and dramatic it is 🖤 I wanted a gilet for a long time, but this was the first cut that I felt could work with my wardrobe. So I am happy I waited for so long and finally got the perfect one for me!!

MmM Blue Rose Yukata (2019) ALTERED

Hmm, that doesn’t look long enough to be worn as a yukata? Well, that is right. When I found this secondhand for a nice price, I decided to get it, but soon realized I don’t really like wearing full yukata and it doesn’t really suit me. I do however like wa lolita. So I decided to cut the yukata to haori length😅 Now it is comfortable to wear with a skirt for wa lolita and the excess fabric is currently used to make matching accessories out of, so nothing goes to waste! I am a lot happier with the piece this way🖤

And lastly, my accessories. I leave out blouses/bags/socks etc to keep the post from being too long.

MmM Blue Cross Necklace (2019) and MmM Logo Cross Pendant (2000)

I only two jewelry pieces by Moitie. I think I wrote before how I am a picky jewelry buyer and this proves it again. However, I absolutely LOVE these two. The second was a gift from dear dear friends and the blue cross was one I wanted for years but just never gotten around to get it. Happy I did now. I am also eyeing the green or red cross necklace, maybe one day.

MmM various accessories 🖤

I have a small but strong accessory collection from Moitie haha, as these are all used a lot. 2020 marks the year where my dear Sabrina got me my dream mini hat from Moitie for Christmas, I love it so dearly and cannot wait to wear it with many looks😭🖤 I am also very fond of my two rectangle headdresses, hope to add a white or ivory one from Moitie some day. And then the two headbows, where the Holy Cross headbow is worn to death haha. I also love the Coffin Lace choker and the arm warmers for some edge.

Overall, I am very very happy where I am with my Moitie wardrobe💙 Of course I would love to add some more, but I think this all really reflects my taste and are the result of a long search and carefully curating! When it comes to Moitie, I only have a few (realistic) dream pieces left..

(I mean, of course I want Shirring Ribbon OP, but don’t think that is happening)

My MmM wishlist!

And that was it, I hope you liked seeing my curated collection and until next time! 🖤

Bonus: me rolling in my Moitie collection, colorized 2020😂💙

Lolita Resolutions: 2021

Hello everyone!

After the brutal year that has been 2020, I need something to look forward to and even if a new year is of course not magically gonna erase the circumstances, I love to make wardrobe resolutions. Also because I always clean my closet around Christmas break to get a grip of what I have and want. So here we go, some resolutions, some recycled from the past year and some new ones haha!

1. More Visual Kei inspiration

More specifically kote kei. I am well aware of the strong connection between kote kei bands and early lolita fashion (will write a blogpost on that another time), but I want to express my love for kote kei more in my personal style. With elaborate makeup, big hair and coords inspired by some amazing costumes and proto looks from concert goers, I hope to pull it off more in the new year!

2. Incorporate more 90s brands and styling in my wardrobe

And with that, I don’t only mean brands that correspond with kote kei bands, but also lots of “forgotten” brands featured in 90s magazines. Lately I am obsessing over Fruits looks again and reading Cutie magazine and my need for old Jane Marple, Milk, Betty’s Blue and Hysteric Glamour intensifies! I hope to add some interesting 90s pieces to my wardrobe to wear more proto looks and have fun with my original inspirations when I started out this fashion!

3. Get overknee boots

2020 has become the year where I give even less fucks about other’s opinions and thus became the year where I gathered confidence to try overknee boots. I have some other high boots but never ventured into overknee area. 2021 is gonna be the year I am getting a pair!

4. Wear more sweeter oldschool

This was a resolution for 2020, but of course it didn’t happen, so set it again! I did finally buy some pink oldschool these past weeks and hope to wear it more and branch out in some cuter direction with also adding sax. If anyone has sources for great pink or sax peter pan collar cotton blouses, let me know!

Some recent pink buys💕

5. Branch out more in ero lolita

I wrote a blog post about ero lolita earlier this year and personally, I would love to branch out more in the style. Old GLBs have lots of gothic and ero shoots and many in red, which intrigues me. I would love to work more with red in ero, introduce PVC fabric in my wardrobe and try out red fishnets hahaha! See what I can manage, but a monochrome red ero coord lives rent free in my mind now.

6. Finally get a burgundy blouse

I mean, this should be easy, but I keep procrastinating when it comes to buying a simple burgundy blouse, so it goes on the list to remind myself that once I open an order, I will add this!

7. Buy less, look for dream pieces + basics

However, I do prepare to buy less. I do need some basics like burgundy blouse mentioned and I really want overknee boots, but mostly I want to wear what I already have and save for the dream items in the picture above. They are hard to find, but that is okay! I hope to save and obtain at least one in the new year!

8. Support small brands

This seems straight up contradictory of what I just wrote, but I don’t mean blindly buying everything from smaller brands or throw all my money at them. I hope that when I consider a purchase, I can support a small brand too. This does not apply to dream items that I scour the secondhand market for, but I think that for basics, I can also consider a small brand. For example Summer Tales Boutique that is making really great simple oldschool pieces now, I hope they make things that fit my style seamlessly so I can support them!

Overall my resolutions are to focus on certain styles and buy less, wear more and make conscious choices when I buy. I hope I will have just as much fun with fashion in the new year♥️ Until then!

Lolita Day Out: Socially distanced Christmas🎄🎅

Hi everyone!

This year, due to the circumstances in this pandemic, I will celebrate actual Christmas alone. However my two besties made the plan to celebrate an early Christmas together and have a cozy get together ❤️

My friend Katie was the lovely host, so I traveled to her place. We all were to bring food and I got a christmas themed chocolate cake and crisps. Katie however went all out at the grocery store, so we had an incredible collection of food! I was especially fond of the gingerman bread.

She really made it so cozy with the cute tablecloth and the tiny christmas tree❤️ We also had some candles and it was all so cozy.

We brought each other little gifts, or so I thought, but before starting on the food, there were actually really thoughtful gifts on my plate😭

So I very happily unpacked my gifts and the first gift was actually something I was gonna buy myself, the Summer Tales Boutique Nostalgia Royal Stewart Tartan bloomers with white lace, gifted by the amazing Anna😭❤️ I was absolutely speechless, such a thoughtful gift and Katie did an AMAZING job on these, they are warm, comfortable, long and I will wear them lots this winter!

Katie gifted me a voucher for a Summer Tales accessory (now I need to pick haha) and a wonderful book in my favorite genre, historical fiction 🖤 Cannot wait to read it!

I am honestly the luckiest being, getting so spoiled with gifts and the company of my wonderful friends😭

After the wonderful food, we all had food coma and went to chill a bit and then took photos. We made up a little theme for our christmas party, the OTT coord you couldn’t wear in 2020. So we all made an effort and my friends looked so beautiful! ❤️

Katie making bittersweet happen with this AP dress and her own handmade hat❤️
Anna making sure we remember it is always Halloween and that overknee boots are always a look!

I went with a super OTT cape sleeve dress and wanted to dress like an opulent tree topper for the occasion haha! Had lots of fun using all the pearls I could find and pair it with this incredible dress😭

The dress is by I Do Declare, headdress by Fidel David, accessories are Miss Danger and VW and shoes are Fluevog.

I had an absolutely wonderful time and I cannot wait to see them again😭❤️ Wish all of you wonderful holidays as well and will be writing soon again with some new year’s resolutions ✨

Print details: AatP Hymn long JSK💙

Hi everyone!

It has probably been a year since I last did this, but felt like doing some close-ups again and blog about them❤️ I definitely neglected this blog quite a bit this year, but hey, 2020 has been wild.

Today I want to show you some closer looks of Alice and the Pirates Hymn long JSK in navy. I got this at a local swap meet in 2018 and for an absolute steal, because it misses the chain on the bodice. I fix that with using the chain from Gathered Chiffon instead❤️

I remember going to this swap meet with my friend and we were both like, we will only sell, not shop. How we both failed was hilarious, I got this and some accessories and she came home with a bunch of stuff too. We definitely laughed at each other about not being able to keep our word when it comes to buying frilly clothes haha!

First up, the stock photo of the AatP Hymn JSK in navy

This print came out in 2009 and I acquired it 9 years later. It had been quite a search, as I also had a hard time deciding on my favorite colourway, but was so happy to end up with the navy this way!

The dress is incredibly beautiful, made of a very textured cotton blend that is a signature for AatP dresses. It is a high waist cut and also has partial shirring and corset lacing. The bodice is surprisingly unlined, but it is a comfortable fabric to wear.

The print is the most interesting feature of this piece, in icy blue tones and offwhites. This JSK features a heart shaped manuscript. It was created by Baude Cordier, a French composer born c. 1380. This is Cordier’s rondeau about love, caled ‘Belle, Bonne, Sage’ (Beautiful, Good, Wise).

The above form of notation is called ‘ars subtilior’ as well as ‘eye music’. This heart manuscript is found in the Chantilly Codex, a manuscript of medieval music containing pieces in the style. Cordier’s song is one of 112 works included in the Chantilly Codex, a collection consisting mostly of French works in this style. Like “Belle, bonne, sage,” many ars subtilior pieces were notated in unconventional shapes and patterns

Original notation of Belle, bonne, sage by Cordier.

While “Belle, bonne, sage” may not be the most straightforward score you’ve ever laid eyes on, the manuscript is actually completely functional! “Belle, bonne, sage” is a rondeau, a type of fixed song form prevalent in the 14th century, characterized by a specific pattern of verses and repeated refrains. The AatP print is of course simplified compared to the original, but am so pleased to see their eye for detail and research! 💙

They also added sentences to the dress, like this one: Black stairs leads you to the deadly demon’s castle. I researched if those were lyrics to Belle, bonne, sage, but alas, they were not. I looked up if they come from another poem or song, but to no avail. I think they gave some improvised medieval flavor to the design haha!

Last thing I wanted to feature was the nice ribbon and rose lace at the bodice, which finished the dress just beautifully.

So this ends my post!! AatP is quite impressive right? I love the thought and research they put into their prints and definitely have a deeper love for this print now💙 Until next time!

Small jewelry haul + review ✨ Néant Glass and Summer Tales Boutique

Hi everyone who still reads this blog!

I take long breaks in between, but am still writing for this blog. It is a nice way to clear my head a little and lately, that is exactly what I need. I have been overthinking writing anything here, I wanted it to be big and meaningful, have impact or be critical. But that also came with pressure. I decided to postpone that for now and just write smaller things, happy things and see where we go from here.

Last month I have been adding some new jewelry to my collection. Let me start by saying that is a big step, as I am the most picky jewelry person. I like a few designs that I stick with and wear those endlessly. So shopping for some new ones, is a huge task for me! They need to be versatile, good quality and of course be original, never buy knock-offs you guys!

My search led me to American brand Neant Glass and Dutch brand Summer Tales Boutique, who both brought out some great Halloween designs!

Summer Tales Boutique necklace on the left, Neant Glass rosary on the right.

Let’s get started with the left necklace. It is by Dutch brand Summer Tales Boutique. They are a small and independent sewing studio for elegant and outspoken souls, with their own shop in the middle of the Netherlands. In their production process they strive to use all the materials and create as little waste as possible, which makes them an eco conscious brand. Their collections are heavily influenced by art and history.

What attracted me in the Summer Tales Boutique necklace was the real porcelain doll hand, adorned with lace and velvet. You could choose different lace options, what I also really appreciated. It also came in white and cream, but it goes without saying I chose the black. It arrived within three days after it was shipped, but it was of course shipped locally as I am located in the same country, so that goes without saying!

Let’s look at some details!

The little hand has red fingernails and is embossed with my choice: black rose lace. On top is an elegant black velvet ribbon.

The chain is gold with some black beads to accentuate. The doll hand is quite big, so it makes quite the statement necklace🖤 Overall, I am very pleased with this necklace, I think it would suit many gothic looks.

Now let’s go to the other one, by American artist Neant Glass. Néant Glass was founded in February of 2019.  The artist, Kei, began venturing into stained glass in November of 2018 as a therapeutic hobby. However, by October of 2019, friends had encouraged them to sell their newly devised jewelry designs, and the popularity exploded. They are especially known for their stained glass coffin rosaries that come in many variations.

For their Halloween collection, they offered rose coffin rosaries, so their iconic coffin design with a rose pressed in the coffin. Without saying, that hit my heart and my friend and I ordered these together. I went with a labradorite chain and rose connector and the option to have a single rose. A double rose was also possible, but felt more from the single one

Shipping to my friend took 3 weeks, shipping from her to me another 3 weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. But it finally arrived safely at my doorstep🖤

Let’s take a closer look!

The coffin rosary is just beautiful, lead-free and was backed with black stained glass behind the rose, so it is super versatile. I can wear it with the rose on display or as a simple black coffin rosary. The rose is perfectly pressed and has the most intense burgundy color♥️

The labradorite chain has amazing shades in different lighting and is just one of the prettiest chains I have. Am also very happy with the rose connector, it obviously matches perfectly to the coffin. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this one too, I can think of many outfits where it can be worn and I am not surprised their designs are so popular in the EGL scene, they suit many styles perfectly! ♥️

I hope you liked my small review, see you next time🖤✨

Review: Summer Tales Boutique’s The Anatomy Lesson💉

Hello everyone!

Happy Spooktober🎃 Today I am back with a review for a recent spooky addition to my wardrobe: Summer Tales Boutique’s latest painting print, The Anatomy Lesson. Summer Tales Boutique is a Dutch brand with their own physical shop, located in Houten. They are known for their Dutch painting prints, tartans and endless accessories!

This painting print is painted by a young Rembrandt in the so-called Dutch Golden Age. This masterpiece features an anatomy lesson from the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons, this took place on the 31st of January 1632. This was permitted to visit once a year. The painting can be visited at the Mauritshuis in The Hague andnis one of my favorites, I love the composition, colors and the touch of gore! So when it was made into a garment, I was ready..

The collection came in three variations, a skirt, JSK with removable short sleeves and a long-sleeved OP. After a critical look at my wardrobe, I decided that the long-sleeved OP was something I didn’t own yet and would thus be the most logical choice.

Stock photo of the OP for the Anatomy Lesson

I reserved back in April 2020 and then the waiting game began. Today, October 4th of 2020, it arrived safely! I got updates during this time, which I really appreciated. Let’s go onto the package📦

It came packaged beautifully in paper with two cards. I was very pleased that there was no plastic used.

The thank you card had a lovely message to thank their customers for their purchase and the owner, Katie, also scribbled a little personal message onto it ❤️ I was very touched by the cute thank you card!

The other card featured all the cuts that were available!

I also found the catalogue with the other Dutch Masters prints they did in here. It makes me smile everytime as the shooting day of this is filled with lovely memories! Okay, now onto the actual dress..

Siep claimed the box in the meantime.

The dress came safely wrapped and was folded neatly when I took it out. The fabric is very soft and nice to the touch, it is some kind of poly blend but on high quality as it feels almost silky! Very pleasantly surprised, as my previous painting prints from them were cotton. Nothing wrong with that, but this one doesn’t need ironing haha.

The full dress!

Now a look at the full dress. The print is gorgeous and vibrant, I adore the white cuffs and collar and the measurements seem true to size.

The print close-up, which my phone made a little brighter than real life. The details are stark, nothing is blurry. I am very impressed.

The cuffs have pearl buttons, invisible fastenings on the inside and is that CROSS LACE?? 😍

Yesss, it is! The sample didn’t have this lace according to pictures, but am so happy mine does, it is miles better! Also the little hook at the end of the zipper, thank you!

This little jabot clip came as a gift! It is a two way clip, so can use it as a jabot or on a hat, in my hair..I absolutely adore it and how it is finished with the matching lace. I am sure this will have good use this Halloween month.

I have attempted to make closeups to show the fabric better, but I am not completely happy, it is way better irl haha! And then CW for the last picture, if you don’t like the gore/gorey details, please scroll!

Ah yes, the look inside an arm in the morning❤️ I love the vein details, nice job Rembrandt.

Overall, I give Summer Tales Boutique a 10 for this dress, details and packaging and am very excited to support them more in the future❤️ You can find them on Instagram as @summertalesboutique or visit if you want to see more of their work! I am already looking forward to their next painting print!

Thank you for reading and until next time!

Comparing La Luice bunnies from 2003 and 2016🐰❤️

Hi everyone!

It has been a very long time since I wrote something on here, for some reason none of my posts that are in drafts actually made it to the blog, so will be working on finishing them when I have the time again. I did however asked on discord if people were interested to see a comparison between La Luice bunnies from 2003 and 2016, so here is that today! 🖤

The bags are made by La LUICE ( and were sold by Putumayo, Meta and Spica. Putumayo has had them in stock as recently as 2017. In 2016, I bought the small size white bunny bag straight from Putumayo store. Putumayo carried the brand La Luice at the time. And last week the older small size black bunny arrived that the seller bought from Meta and she dated it at 2003.

Here are they both together❤️ The first noticeable difference is the sizing, the black bunny is a size smaller than the white one, though they were both sold as the smaller size. The straps are also smaller than the ones from the white bunny and also thinner.

A striking difference is that the ears of my white bunny are sewn together until haflway and stand up straight , while the black ones’ ears are sewn only a bit and have more space to move. The black bunny also has a cute accessory at her ears, while the white one does not.

Speaking of small accessories, my black bunny also has cute wristcuffs where the white bunny does not. The clothes are also different, the white bunny has a lace bow of cotton lace, where the black bunny has a collar of soft lace and a small ribbon. The lace rows at the bottom are very similar, the small difference is that the white bunny has rose lace and raschel lace and the black one has little embroidered lace and raschel lace combined.

They both have the cute ballerina shoes, but the black bunny has little heart shaped rhinestones on top of the ribbon, which is a very cute detail.

The final difference is the label. The black one has none except a washing tag and the white one has a pink L label inside.

Overall, I really love both bunnies and it was a pleasure to compare a little. I cannot wait to wear the black one out a lot🖤

Thanks for reading and see you next time!