My “Tacky” Old School Wardrobe 2023

Hello everyone!

Wardrobe season has begun again and of course I couldn’t resist partaking again this year, have been making wardrobe post for over 10 years now. As I did the past few years, I pick a capsule or theme and make a wardrobe post around that. For 2023, I decided to do a wardrobe post on my old school pieces that are considered tacky or in bad taste, pieces that have this nostalgic ita vibe, from brands people underestimate. So without further ado, here is my “tacky” old school wardrobe 2023!

Good Luck

The first brand I had to feature is Good Luck. Not much is known about them, except that is a costume shop that makes also lolita costumes, based off Marble and Visible designs. They have one famous two piece set they did in multiple colourways (original is by Marble) and a possibly Visible replica two piece they made in multiple colourways. Their pieces are definitely intend to be worn as a costume and ethically debatable as they are ripoffs, but I am surprised every time by the quality of their pieces. I have a handful of them, hope you enjoy seeing them!

Good Luck black two piece set

This one also comes in red x black, but was able to find the black version a while ago. It is a fun piece to wear and quite versatile as the skirt is a simple elastic black old school skirt.

Good Luck gobelin set

This one is a dream come true for me! Once I found out that Good Luck also made their famous set in gobelin fabric, I was obsessed. So happy to have found it, the print is truly wonderful and I really enjoy the quality of this set.

Good Luck black x white set

Here is the same set, this time in the classic black x white colourway. I think you see this set around the most when you look for Good Luck and with good right, it is a perfect old school staple piece!

Good Luck tartan set

This one was my first Good Luck set and the one that sparked the flame for me. It is truly so comfortable and perfect for the holidays season, I always love wearing it!


Next brand is Marble. Marble has been around since the 90s and still has an active webshop and is also sold through Atelier Pierrot. Their designs are really old school, with lots of lace and SHORT skirts. I am obsessed with everything they do, so am pleased to say I have quite a bit from them at this point!

Marble two piece set in black

Looks familiar? This is the original Marble piece that Good Luck ripped off haha, sadly mine is missing the collar, but it is otherwise absolutely perfect! I love the heavy fabric with the subtle sheen to it and I knew from my Good Luck sets that the fit would be perfect, which it is!

Marble blouse and skirt set in bxw

This was actually my first Marble purchase and led me into the rabbit hole. The fabric is some shiny polyester, but falls surprisingly nicely when worn. Skirt has an built-in petticoat and I like all the lace details of this!

Marble high collar OP

This is actually one of my more elegant pieces in my book, so purely by brand it goes into this wardrobe post haha. It is very flattering and very goth for a lolita piece!

Marble lacy collared OP in cream x white

This dress is actually lighter in real life, almost white, but camera makes it look darker haha. It is almost a bridal piece with the huge princess sleeves, but also it is SHORT at the front, so idk what to make of it. I love how the sleeves and collar are detachable, I think I will have lots of fun layering this piece!

Marble roses jacket and skirt set

I bought this set secondhand and have no information on it, as Marble is not well documented. I absolutely love it though, the colour is soft, the roses are gorgeous and the set is just gorgeously tailored!

Marble lace sundress in bxw

I lovingly call this my wedding cake dress, as the front just reminds me of layers of embellished wedding cake haha. This dress is very comfy, has a lovely halterneck and is also very short once again. A fun dress for summer!

Marble overdress (?) in red x black

This dress is so short, it falls more like a long blouse, so I wear a skirt underneath. It is very lovely though, the orange red hue is great and it is comfortable to wear out for dinner dates!

Marble organza dress in black + matching bolero

Lovingly referred to as shiny garbage bag, this set is made out of organza with tulle on top. The dress is really festive and the bolero adds some drama with the sleeves. Definitely perfect for a party, even when this does resemble a trash bag quite a bit.

Marble halterneck collared JSK in red tartan

I feel this is more of a skirt/salopette, but it is listed under JSK on the website, so hey! I liked this one because the ruffle looked fun at the bottom and I liked the original cut. Definitely a fun piece to wear!


A controversial brand when you ask about what is ita and wrong. Bodyline ripped off dozens of designs in their early days in varying quality, had some scandals with Mr Yan and are now making some decent clothes and is still recommended as one of the starter brands to newbies. I really like some older Bodyline pieces, precisely because they are considered ita, but am picky in what to add to my wardrobe. So far, I have one Bodyline set!

Bodyline black x white blouse and skirt set

Looks familiar again? Yes, very similar to the Good Luck set I posted earlier, but in black x white, with crispier lace and a longernskirt length. Bodyline and Good Luck both ripped off Visible with this set, but haven’t seen an original set for sale yet, hope to find it one day!


Speaking of Visible, let’s go to my collection of their pieces. They worked closely with Marble in the early 2000s and sadly went defunct in the mid-2000s. Their pieces are known for dramatic sleeves, lots of lace and some good tartans.

Visible Tartan OP

When this showed up secondhand, it was love at first sight for me. I love the blue tartan, dramatic sleeves and all the bow details! It definitely is a showstopper in my wardrobe and I cannot wait to wear it more in 2023.

Visible Cross Embroidery OP

This OP is so incredible, I absolutely love wearing it. It is simple, but so well made and with such a flattering cut!

Visible grey tartan OP

It doesn’t really show on the photo, but the collar is actually huge and covers almost the entire bodice of this OP. Also the sleeves are so wide, it is a super interesting cut. I have worn this casually quite a bit, but I need to make a proper coord shot with this in 2023!

Visible tartan two piece set

This colour is so hard to catch on camera, this is closest to reality. I love the grey and red in this and the top looks SO nice when worn, it definitely got me obsessed with this brand!

Visible Assymetry OP

My friend Luise sold me this and I couldn’t get over this unique cut and thick fabric. It is definitely super special to wear, the skirt length difference is insane, but it does fit a small petticoat! I am excited to try some more Elegant Gothic Madame looks with this (anyone else remember this reference and LJ time haha? I never hear this term anymore)

H.Naoto Jelly

This sub brand of H.Naoto is known for their more punk and tartan styles and was seen a lot in ol street snaps. Their iconic punk yakuta dress was so good, that Bodyline decided to make a rip off, resulting in seeing many oldschool x yukata coords. I was smitten with the original and still feel so lucky I have it in my possession. I am sure some think this is incredibly tacky, but I love it so much! Definitely deserves a feature in this wardrobe post.

H.Naoto Jelly Punk Yukata OP

Metamorphose Temps de Fille

I am gonna preface this by saying I am not gonna show all my Meta here as not everything fits into this capsule. I picked some curated pieces from them that others might consider ita, but somehow fit my ideal aesthetic of lolita, which is old school tacky ita hahaha. Meta always had a wacky brand image, but since I deep dived into Marble, Meta seems totally reasonable to me haha!

Meta Trumpet Sleeve OP

This dress is one I reach for a lot when it comes to creating coords with this nostalgic ita feel. It is perfect for layering, a gorgeous design and it just works perfectly with everything I come up with. Definitely a favourite in my wardrobe!

Meta Trumpet Sleeve OP (red x black)

This one originally comes with a capelet, sadly mine came without it, but I am still obsessed with it. The colour is insanely bright and the fabric is some kind of denim. Absolutely stunning piece honestly.

Meta Maid OP (mini) + matching apron

Maid style pieces were automatically considered ita when I started out in 2007, so a good old maid piece couldn’t lack in this wardrobe post. I feel so lucky to have the matching apron too, it is such a wonderful set like this! I still need a good maid headdress, hopefully 2023 is the year for me!

Meta camouflage heart apron + skirt

I don’t even know what to say about this set. I never saw it before I was able to buy it and it is just so good and so weird. Definitely something nostalgic ita that people would have hated back in the day, but something I absolutely love!

Meta gobelin set + matching bonnet

This set is not in super bad taste at all, but with the heavy raschel lace, I still think it fits this capsule!🥰 I absolutely love this set and my goal is to wear it way more this year, it is instant happiness for me!

Meta Baby Doll OP in black

This iconic OP is my favourite Meta design ever and I love how short, full and detailed it is. Perfect for nostalgic looks, pairs perfectly with raschel lace and thus had to be in this capsule.

Meta Baby Doll OP in white

I love this OP so much, I also have it in white.

Outerwear and accessories

So, I have some outerwear and accessories I like to coordinate with this capsule, so I wanted to show them too! This is not all my outerwear or headdresses, just a curated selection I use with this capsule of my wardrobe😊

Marble bolero

The only bolero in my collection that fits this capsule, this Marble bolero is extremely extra with the stand up collar and so many laces.

Hell Bunny capelet, Marble capelet

I absolutely love capelets in old school and these two I use a lot with all the main pieces pictured above. The Hell Bunny one gives me very nostalgic vibes from when I started out in 2007.

MAM apron, Summer Tales apron

I love a good apron with lolita and these are two I use a lot to layer. The Summer Tales one is not old school, it came out in 2021, but it fits the vibe of my coords so well and matches so well with the capsule here, it had to be included.

Metamorphose heart apron x2

I love a good heart apron and these two from Metamorphose are everything. One day I own the tulle heart apron from Meta🥹

Mini hats by Visible, Marble, Spica, MAM, RR Memorandum, VM and Btssb.

Mini hats are an essential for me in this capsule, so here is a selection of them that I use to match the other pieces here. The yellow tartan hat from RR Memorandum is definitely an odd one out, but I really like it and it pairs with black and white really well.

Offbrand leopard cowboy hat, Heart E bucket hat, Uf bucket hat x2

Some bigger hats! Bucket hats are my favorite, so here is three of them I love. And of course a leopard cowboy hat as every oldschooler has!🤠

Accessories by Meta, Marble, Summer Tales, Antique Beast, Bodyline

Some headdresses, vinyl armwarmers and my favorite raschel lace bonnets for a general idea how I style oldschool pieces! This is not everything, but definitely my most used ones!

Bags from Putumayo, Meta,Vivienne Westwood, La Luice, GRAMM and offbrand.

And of course I had to show a selection of bags, mostly black and lacy, but of course some leopard in there too! My bear son is definitely a prized favorite possession, but so is fetus baby!

Some additions to my wardrobe on their way

I hope you liked seeing my “tacky” wardrobe post for 2023, it definitely is something I adore in lolita and all of these pieces and brands are near to my heart🥹 Thank you for watching and reading and until next time!


My favorite coords of 2022!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to write a coord round-up, as 2022 comes to a close. This year I have photographed 153 coords, from which around 60 are still in backlog. From all those looks, I selected 8 ones to write about, as these were my favourites throughout this year!

The first coord is actually the most recent one of all the them, I wore it to celebrate the holiday season last weekend with my friend Anna. We went out for Korean food and I wanted to wear something kinda religious to put the Christ in Christmas. I experimented a bit with this dress and ended up mixing lots of brands I love.

Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Headdress, blouse: Moi Meme Moitie

Bag, socks: Metamorphose

Underskirt, collar: Marble

Shoes: Atelier Pierrot

This coord was a personal favorite of mine to meet my dear friend Myrsky, who was visiting Amsterdam. She is known for her iconic over the top historical coordinates and I figured I wanted to up my game a little to match her, so went with a more intricate old school coordinate, adding some visual kei vibes in there as well!

Dress: Metamorphose

Headbow: Summer Tales Boutique

Socks, bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Shoes: Demonia

Necklace: Raspberry Mazohyst

My dear friend Rosalynn asked me to wear Iron Gate, as she had a gate themed dress added to her wardrobe recently and wanted to twin. So I happily obliged and tried a more edgy approach of this dress, which I ended up really liking! So thank you Rosalynn for inspiring me to get creative with this print again🖤

Dress: Moi Meme Moitie

Headdress, bustier: Summer Tales Boutique

Bag: Metamorphose

Shoes: Demonia

Necklace: Raspberry Mazohyst

My friend Kathleen asked me to go to a Belgium comm meet with her and I said yes, despite being nervous about it. It turned out to be a wonderful meet with everyone being extremely lovely, so I am grateful she asked me! We went out for lunch, so opted for a simple oldschool classical vibe, but adding my favourite bag for a little edge!

Dress, bonnet: Metamorphose

Bag: H.Naoto Gramm

Necklace: Neant Glass

Shoes: Dr Martens

Meeting my friend Anna for food, one of our favorite activities haha! I managed to get this Meta dream dress this year and this day it was finally cold enough to wear it. Absolutely love everything about it, so this simple coord made the list.

Dress, socks, bag: Metamorphose

Mini hat: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Shoes: Atelier Pierrot

Necklace: Moi Meme Moitie

I have no words for this coord, because of the dress. It had been a 12 year long dream to own it, so to have it and wear it finally.. no words. I did like pairing it with this capelet and felt truly close to the specific elegance that old Moitie embodies. It was truly one of my faves of this year!

Dress, capelet, socks: Moi Meme Moitie

Headdress: Handmade

Necklace: Neant Glass

Bag: Metamorphose

Shoes: Atelier Pierrot

When Rosalynn asked me to go out with her for gachapon and pancakes, I of course was super excited to dress up. I felt leopard print would be perfect and I made it a bit spicier with pleather details. I really felt so pretty wearing this, truly one of my coords that stick with me because it made me feel so good!

Dress: Physical Drop

Apron, bag, socks: Metamorphose

Headbow: Summer Tales Boutique

Shoes: Demonia

Necklace: Moi Meme Moitie

And last but not least, one I wore early December to celebrate the birthday of my dear friend Libertad🖤 It was insanely cold, but still decided to wear this iconic dragon dress, because it felt like the right occasion. I still cannot get over this dress and liked the subtle rose theme I did with this. However, I hope to go more edgy woth this dress in 2023. But this was a great first coord for me!

Dress: H.Naoto

Headdress: Metamorphose

Blouse: Marble

Bag: H.Naoto Gramm

Socks: Moi Meme Moitie

Shoes: Demonia

When I look at my favourite coords, I notice they are all either oldschool or gothic, feature a lot of the same items (check bags and socks haha) and brands ans all just really feel like me🖤 I feel I am on a solid and happy track with my wardrobe and personal style and cannot wait to grow and experiment more in 2023!

Thanks for reading, until next time!💕

Lolita Resolutions: 2023

Hi everyone!

It is December, so time to write down some resolutions for 2023! I am always happy to write some things down to give my wardrobe some more direction. I hope you like reading my resolutions, let’s see how many I am able to do in the next year!

1. Keep committing to frumpy and tacky old school

This past year I expanded my collection of Visible, Marble, Good Luck and old Bodyline pieces. I really love this aesthetic where it gives is nostalgic ita vibes and it is really frumpy and tacky with some crusty lace. It just reminds me of old street snaps that got me into the fashion in 2007. I like being frumpy and kinda ita, opposed to very elegant other days haha! This aesthetic definitely gave me some fun back in this fashion🖤

2. Get a vinyl main piece

I am in love with vinyl pieces and like pairing them in my coords, a resolution I had last year was to do so more and that was definitely accomplished. I own multiple vinyl accessories and a bustier now, next step for me is a main piece, I would love a JSK/ skirt and this particular OP Mana wore, but then in a more lolita design. We will see what comes true this year!

3. Consciously buy some more jewelry

I am super picky when it comes to buying jewelry that matches my personal style and have a few go-to brands I hope to support more this year and carefully pick out some pieces from them that suit what I want. I have a few ideas of what I would love to pick up and hopefully I can make that happen in 2023! I feel I almost rounded out what I want jewelry wise and once I am done, I am done for a long time🖤

4. Keep supporting small brands

I love buying secondhand mainly, but do wish to consciously keep supporting small brands and independent designers! I love the creativity they have and love supporting that. I supported Summer Tales Boutique for example a lot this past year (also so biased because I am their creative director/social media person right now), but hope to expand to more smaller brands that make interesting pieces!

5. Keep getting weirder and having lots of fun doing so!

I don’t really know how to say more about this, having fun and keep expressing myself are goals I always have. Fashion is supposed to be fun and I think it is important to keep trying new things and have fun doing so!

6. Update this blog a little more (hopefully)

I hopefully update this blog a little more in 2023! I love writing reviews, show close-ups of pieces and write more in-depth of this fashion’s history, we will see if I get around to doing it more in the upcoming year!

Thanks for reading again, it is always appreciated 🖤

Review: H.Naoto Dragon Scale Birdcage Devil JSK🖤

Hi everyone!

I am back with another review, this time about the H.Naoto Dragon Scale Birdcage Devil JSK.

For Halloween, H.Naoto decided to make more of their dragon scale pieces, which includes the birdcage JSK. They offer currently a white, black and a red dragon birdcage JSK, plus the dark red colourway I bought and will be reviewing today. They also tease a cobalt blue version, but it is not yet available from what I can find!

I fell in love with the dark red colourway which was a bit more subdued than the bright red one they made. I love the idea of a red dragon dress as I am a huge fan of Hannibal (mostly the show haha), so was very tempted and happy when I was able to make it happen.

You are able to buy the dress directly from the H.Naoto webshop, but I went through my SS as I had an order open anyway!🥰 She bought the dress swiftly and it arrived within a few days at her place. Shipping to me took only a few days as well!

Stock photo

Here is the stock photo of the dress, I fell in love with this burgundy colour and all the details on it. Time to show more!

When the dress arrived, I immediately noticed the luxurious mix of reds on the dress, a mix of brighter reds, burgundy and hints of magenta. The fabric underneath the birdcage is somehow tie-dyed or splattered with red paint that has glitters in it. They also dyed the long lace part on the side and the shoulders the same way.

Here you can see the fabric underneath the birdcage better. Also the birdcage has ombre effects on it and is made out of a lovely rose lace.

The dragon scales are made out of some heavy fabric that almost feels like leather, but isn’t. It is layered and heavy. The dress has two dragon scale designs, one is made out of small scales and the other one is bigger scales layered on top of each other.

The lace part on the side is clearly dyed as well, definitely is more magenta than red and it looks really layered and interesting with the different colour tones. I liked it more than I expected!

Let’s look at the bodice! Underneath the front lacing there is also dragon scales and next to it a row of ruffles and a row of lace. The straps are also covered in dragon scales and have some shoulder lace details, similar to the longer lace part I just showed.

The bodice is also fully shirred at the back! It is definitely lower at the back than at the front. Also the dress features some wide tie-dyed non-detachable waist ties!

Also the shoulder straps have multiple buttonholes, perfect to adjust if you are tall!

Also the dress is fully lined, the bodice with different lining than the skirt, but still lined🖤

I absolutely love this dress, I think it is super intricate and interesting, something very original. I haven’t seen other brands do anything like this and am very glad I got my hands on this!🖤 Hope you liked this review, until next time!

My favorite buys of 2022!

After so many lovely comments on last year’s edition, I decided to do this again and show you some of my favorite buys of these past months. I have been very fortunate to find some dream items again and made some very conscious decisions on what to add into my wardrobe to make it more cohesive and complete to me. Currently I am at the point where I have only a small wishlist left and am very much enjoying what is in my wardrobe currently, instead of hunting for new things🖤 It is a calm state of mind which I really prefer and enjoy these days.

So, without furder ado, here are my favorite buys!🖤

1. Meta Embroidered Heart JSK

This has been on my wishlist for the longest time, so when someone told me they considered selling theirs, I jumped on it. I love everything about it, the denim like striped fabric, the raschel lace heart and the pink color, something I don’t reach for often!

2. Moitie Rose Lace JSK

We all know that older Moi Meme Moitie pieces are a pain to find for an affordable price, so every time I find a piece, I consider myself incredibly lucky. This year has blessed me with finding two Moitie wishlist pieces and this simple 2000s JSK is one of them, it is everything I love. Simple, elegant, short length and easy to wear!

3. Moitie Rose Lace OP

The other old Moitie piece I found was this lovely Rose Lace OP I got from my friend Bo! It truly is a stunning and simple piece and it makes me so happy to have some timeless Moitie designs in my wardrobe now! They are both very simple, but I honestly prefer it these days, I can easily dress these up and down for old school, gothic or even classic coords.

4. Meta Long Strawberry JSK

This 2003 Meta JSK is made out of corduroy and incredibly comfy! I always loved this strawberry print, but was set on finding it in a long version, so I passed on many skirts and JSKs in this print. I feel incredibly lucky to have found it and I really love the cut even more than I imagined. The juxtaposition of a long aristocratic cut and a cute strawberry print just pulls my heartstrings..

5. Vivienne Westwood Three Row Pearl Choker

This year marks my 15th year in this fashion, so went a little overboard to celebrate the fact with a VW necklace I have been pining after for years. My dear friend Rosalynn picked it up for me in the Paris store and I still swoon over this gorgeous design, that I intend to wear the rest of my life❤️

6. H.Naoto GRAMM Fetus Bag

H.Naoto GRAMM is my favorite subbrand of H.Naoto and their bag designs always made me starry eyed, yet were incredibly hard to find. So when the GRAMM designer told me she does commissions sometimes, I jumped on it to finally get my fetus baby bag, one of their iconic designs. She made it even more perfect than I imagined it with the fabric mix, I love it so much. I called it Leviathan, because it just seemed fitting haha.

7. Jane Marple corset top

Everyone who knows me, knows I love gobelin fabric. And old Jane Marple. So when my friend offered me their corset and skirt set, I got it immediately and was overjoyed. It is also 19 years old again and especially the corset top gets lots of wear over other dresses, blouses and skirts. It just has the most perfect colour palette honestly.

8. Meta Velveteen Triple Frill OP

This iconic dress. I have no words for this stunning beauty, how I finally got the OP from the famous ad photo, how the black colourway is just so deep.. Honestly just overjoyed that I own this now and my capelet finally has a matching dress!

9. Summer Tales Vinyl Heart Apron

I am completely biased, but Summer Tales Boutique has just been putting out bangers. As their employee, I am so happy to see it and also my wallet is in danger all the time haha. In March I succombed to buying this gorgeous vinyl apron. I love vinyl in goth fashion, so spicing my coords up sounded amazing. I haven’t regretted it since. The apron just has everything I love and then some😭🖤 Meanwhile I now have matching arm warmers, headdress and headbow and am ready to be covered in vinyl for the next months.

10. Physical Drop Leopard OP

My god, this long time wishlist item made it to me this year, thanks to my wonderful friend Kei! A leopard dress is something I wanted for a long time, but was set on this specific one that was made in small quantities back in 2017. So chances were small, but it happened and I still cannot believe it. I treasure it incredibly much and everytime I wear it, I am so confident and happy! Honestly a perfect buy.

When I look at my purchases, I notice I really like black x white, Metamorphose, Moitie, gobelin and wacky things like weird bags and leopard. This really tracks with where I am headed style wise and am very much overjoyed to have a cohesive wardrobe at this point, with everything I love🖤 Thank you for reading, until next time!

Print Details: Peace Now Tartan and Fur Wool JSK🎀

Hi everyone!

I know it is summer, but wanted to put a little spotlight on one of my favorite, now sadly defunct, brands: Peace Now❤️ So next to their amazing cutsews, they make some amazing dresses as well, and thus I present today, a Wool JSK.

I don’t know the official name, so dubbed it Tartan and Fur Wool JSK❤️ This dress is made out of HEAVY wool that is super warm and comfortable! It is finished off with a fur trim, a very oldschool detail that I absolutely adore. All coloring in this dress is very warm, very good to match the autumn leaves!

The dress has a back zip and a little tag with the brand. Also in the close up you can absolutely see the subtle green that is also in this tartan!

The dress has grey lining so the wool does not directly touch your skin, something my sensitive skin definitely appreciates.

Here is the back of the dress, very simple, but also very wearable because of it! As a lolita, you probably also noticed this doesn’t hold a lot of poof, which is correct. I can fit a small petticoat underneath but that is it. However, it still has the perfect silhouette for oldschool lolita styles, the ones I gravitate to anyway🥰

Overall I really love this design and just think it is so cute and so flattering when worn! Prepare to see some looks this winter haha!

Review: Neant Glass Claudia Rose Coffin Choker🥀🖤

Hi everyone!

I am a big Neant Glass fan, so when they announced a pre-order for their Claudia Rose Coffin choker, I had to buy it. It arrived last week, so figured, time for another review🥰

Néant Glass was founded in February of 2019. The artist, Kei, began venturing into stained glass in November of 2018 as a hobby. However, by October of 2019, friends had encouraged them to sell their jewelry designs, and the popularity exploded. They are especially known for their stained glass coffin rosaries that come in many variations.

The Claudia Rose Coffin Choker is one of those variations. Named for the delicate beauty and cluster of petite coffins, the Claudia choker is reminiscent of youth immortalized with seven hand-cut glass coffins and a rose encased at the center.  The necklace is assembled on a chain comprised of natural gemstones that is plated in sterling silver, with a solid .925 sterling silver clasp and extender chain, and sterling plated US-cast pewter rose connector pieces.

I went with the red colourway as it gave me all the vampiric vibes I needed. I ordered back in February and it was shipped in April, arriving last week. I paid $130 for the necklace and around $20 for shipping to the Netherlands.

And here the Claudia Rose Coffin Choker is in full. As I have the red colourway, my rose encased at the center is dusty pink, which I absolutely love against the red.

There are 7 coffins in total, but only the center one has the rose encased. I wanted to show you a closer photo, as I think this rose is absolutely stunning.

All 7 coffins are attached to sterling plated US-cast pewter rose connector pieces, which are the same as the ones from my floral coffin rosaries. I truly love this connector, it really compliments the coffins.

This is my first Néant Glass piece with a solid .925 sterling silver clasp and extender chain, as the rosaries do not have clasps to close them. The closure is secure and the extender chain makes it good for a variation of sizes.

Here is the Claudia Rose Coffin Choker next to the Rose Coffin Rosary, for a size comparison! The choker coffins are smaller and thus more delicate than the ones from the Rose Coffin Rosaries. It makes a perfect subtle piece of the choker.

Here is a close-up of the coffins next to each other, to see the size difference a little better. I like them both so much.

And to end this review, a quick worn photo, I couldn’t write this review without it. As you can see the size is perfect when worn, I like how it is delicate and how it compliments my clothes, even when wearing casual clothes.

Overall I can truly recommend Néant Glass and am truly excited for their next release. I have a big wish to grab a violet piece from them and hope to make that happen 💕 Thank you for reading my review, until next time!

Review: Atelier Pierrot Lace Up Platform Heels 🌘

Hi everyone!

This time I am back with another review, this time for the Lace Up Platform Heels from Atelier Pierrot🖤 They are currently in stock on their website, in both a black and white colourway! I barely see any shoe reviews for lolita brands, so figured I would make one if you considered Atelier Pierrot heels!

I bought these from my friend Kim who ordered them new, but the sizing didn’t work out for them. The shoes are new, only tried on and in the original box! She ordered them from the website and had them shipped with FedEx, which was fast! Atelier Pierrot offers worldwide FedEx on every order for only 2000 yen. I paid a bit under retail for these as Kim is the sweetest.

Once I opened the box, the shoes were carefully packaged and the little bows came seperately in a little bag.

Here is a closer look at the bows in the package and taken directly from the package. They are quite big, but a nice material!

Onto the shoes themselves! They came with paper stuffing in the toes and a stick to keep them in shape. The shoes have multiple straps, that you wear crossed. The platform is high and stable. The shoes are made out of pleather.

I bought the size M, which is a perfect fit for me! I usually wear an EU37/US7, so definitely recommend this if you have a similar size. Be aware however if you have wide feet, this model is quite narrow, so would recommend trying it on first in that case. Color is obviously black haha.

Here is the back of the shoes, with the lovely lacing detail. Lacing is made out of velvet ribbon, which is gorgeous, but attracts cat hair like crazy haha.

Here is a look from the top. You can see the ankle strap a bit better. I do really like the ankle strap as it really gives some great stability to the foot when walking. The insides are printed with the brand name!

I tried to take a better photo to show the closures. It closes with easy pressing buttons, like most of my lolita shoes from Bodyline etc. It is easy yet sturdy.

Overall, I am very pleased with these shoes. The fit is perfect for me and they feel stable and secure to walk in🥰 My cons would be that the shoes are quite narrow, so not perfect if you have wider feet and of course that it is pleather, I prefer leather shoes any day, but that is just a personal preference. I hope this closer look was helpful for you if you think about ordering these, until next time!

Print details: Metamorphose Heart Leopard Souvenir Jacket + Heart Leopard Skirt (2008)🐆

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with an extra special edition of print details, because today I bring to you a Heart Leopard skirt and jacket set by Metamorphose (2008)❤️ It has been quite the journey to find both pieces, but the jacket arrived today after getting it as a gift from a friend 😭🖤 So I could not wait to blog about it! I have both the skirt and jacket in the yellow colourway!

Together at long last🙌🖤

Metamorphose released their Heart Leopard series in 2008, in a bright pink, grey and yellow colourway. This series has a dress, different skirt cuts, hair accessories, this jacket and some leggings/pants even! It was a very controversial series I remember, people either loved it or hated it. Being 15 years old and just starting, I loved the series, but also find it very loud. I was more into Moitie’s elegant and demure aesthetic and had no way to buy this brand new, I passed. It never left my head and finally last year I got my preferred cut and colourway of the skirt when my friend Andie sold it to me!

You might have spotted it in my last wardrobe post, but here is the skirt in its full glory again! Absolutely love how bright and colourful it is!

The skirt has a fully elasticated waistband, making it very comfortable to wear. It originally came with a large satin ribbon, I replaced it with a grosgrain one for some subtle touch.

It is a three tiered skirt, so it features three tiers with some scratchy lace haha. Honestly think the lace is nice and understated, so it matches the loud print very well.

The print features black leopards wearing bright pink scarves who look incredibly sassy and swirly Metamorphose logos.

Oh and obviously the print is called Heart Leopard, so all leopard spots are heart shaped🥰

The skirt features some lining as well, should be standard, but good to know either way.

Then we go to the Heart Leopard Souvenir Jacket, that arrived today. It is made out 100% polyester like the skirt, the ribbing is however a mix of acrylic and wool. Let us take a closer look!

The jacket features two large appliques of the black leopards at the front, wearing the scarves. The stitching is very neat and I love how sassy they look!

It also features some red with the hearts, which the skirt does not have, it keeps strictly at bright pink. The red however gives me more coordinate options, which I love. There is also a small applique with the swirly logo next to the leopard!

On the back of the jacket, it features a large leopard applique surrounded by stars and stones and a large Metamorphose logo applique.

I tried capturing the tiny glitter stones better, but it was a struggle. I just love how extra it is, wish this was at the front as well haha.

The lining is the same print as the skirt, but the best part…

IT IS REVERSIBLE!!😍😍 I cannot tell you all how much I love this, so many possibilities..

I couldn’t be happier to finally have this set and truly hope to make many coords with both items! I hope you liked seeing a closer look to this set and

Print Details: Metamorphose Temps de Fille Floral Print Front Ribbon OP🌸

Hello everyone🥰

It has been a while since I posted, but figured I still wanted to do some close-ups of my favorite pieces, so today I am back with that, this time with my 2002 Metamorphose Floral Print Front Ribbon OP in the black colourway!

Here she is in her full glory! I fell in love with this dress because of the gorgeous florals and design details. I was able to buy it off a friend and I am still so grateful for that🥺

The fabric is a light cotton, which Lolibrary describes as dobby weave. It has a full shirring panel at the front, covered with cotton ribbons. This makes the dress very comfortable and good for eating haha.

One of my favorite details on this dress is the peplum details on the skirt, really gives me some Rococo vibes! It is a subtle yet beautiful detail that is not often seen anymore.

The entire floral print is just gorgeous, gives me major Mary Magdalene vibes, but with a very clear Metamorphose design. I love the dusty colours and the stark red🥰

Fun fact: This dress comes with an underskirt with some tulle, so there is no attached lining whatsoever. Very summer friendly.

The peter pan collar is beautiful, but can we talk about this lace?! Gorgeous cotton rose cross lace like only Meta does😭❤️ Absolutely in love. Gives also a little gothic edge which I very much appreciate.

The OP has long sleeves with some elastic in it and some satin ribbons. The arm cuff has the same lace as the collar.

More lace appreciation🙌

Another fun fact is that my OP came with the tag upside down. No idea what the story behind this is, but it made me wonder haha!

Hope you liked seeing this gorgeous dress up close, I feel there are not many pictures of this incredible design. I also wore it last weekend for a birthday afternoon tea from my dear friend Anna, so here is a worn picture!

Coord rundown🖤

OP, bonnet, socks: Metamorphose

Capelet, bloomers, necklace: Summer Tales Boutique

Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: Demonia

Thank you for reading once again and hopefully I catch up here with you all soon🥰