My favorite buys from 2021 🖤

Hi everyone!!

For the Bibliotheca August theme, that was self care and Jfashion and celebrating Leo season, I wanted to do a one off blogpost where I show some buys that I treated myself to in 2021!

For me, sharing my buys is something I don’t do often, unless it is for review reasons. This is because I don’t want to contribute to haul culture to much and don’t want to give people the impression they need to buy lots to participate in this fashion or spend lots of money. This is of course completely personal, I don’t intend to shame anyone who does, for me this fashion is more about sharing my coordinates than just my buys! But for this theme, I decided to make an exception and share my favorite buys from 2021! I only photographed what has arrived yet, I have something cute in the mail, but will not include that. Hope you enjoy!

Also everything in this blog post is bought secondhand from either friends or Japanese websites like mercari / frill. I really prefer buying secondhand or from smaller brands!

Innocent World Trump Button Apron OP in pink!

First up is this gorgeous Innocent World Trump Button Apron OP in pink, that I bought from my lovely friend Alys. I love the apron detail and how heavy the fabric is, it is definitely a good heavy textured cotton. I wanted to do some more sweeter Alice looks, so when this dress came around, I knew it was perfect!

These buttons ahhh. I know one is upside down, only noticed after photographing haha.

I love the subtle details this has and cannot wait to wear it when the weather cools down! The dress is from 2005, which also makes it 16 years old today and cannot believe the good condition it is in!

Fun story, this was almost lost in public transport, Alys and I were so relieved the bus driver had the bag with him when we realised we forgot the bag and ran back to the bus.

Moitie Gobelin Ribbon JSK in burgundy

Another favorite buy from me this year is the Moitie Gobelin Ribbon JSK in burgundy. After seeing it worn on friends, I knew I needed it in my life, but in current market, Moitie for a reasonable price is hard to find. Lucky for me, a seller on Mercari listed it for an okay price and was able to buy it❤️ I looove the heavy velveteen and this gobelin bodice is just so beautiful. It is from 2003, so another oldschool item for me!

I mean, look at it..

I love Moitie designs like this one with all my heart, hope that someday I am able to find the matching capelet. Also expect coords with this soon, as autumn is approaching, I am feeling it more and more!

Metamorphose Velveteen Cross Lace JSK, capelet and headdress

I am still speechless over this purchase. Speechless I was able to find this. As a set, in a beautiful teal in very good condition. I cannot even begin to describe this beautiful embroidery, cross lace, how the fit is everything. I am in love!!

Close up on the cloak, top part is detachable too!
Hmmm that delicious cross lace

This entire set is heaven and why I love Metamorphose so much as a brand. This level of detail is something I truly love about their old designs. This set is a vintage by this point haha, all from 2001!

Moitie Dot Stripe skirt

This is another one of my favorite buys from this year! It is cute, comfortable, versatile and I really wanted a simple Moitie polkadot piece as I love how wearable they are. So when this one came around, I knew I had to grab it! It is perfect for hot summer days, very light!

This lace is also so good

This skirt is from 2007, a little on the more modern side of my wardrobe, but this still can be worn very oldschool!

Moitie Sleeping Garden in navy (2012)

Another more modern piece, but a favorite buy for me, is the Moitie Sleeping Garden JSK for me! This blue colourway is gorgeous and vibrant and I adore this cut. I wanted this print low key since it was released, but never commited to buy it somehow and then market exploded so it wasn’t worth it for me anymore. But a dear friend sold it to me and I am still very grateful I was able get it!

Story time for this as well, my friend washed it before sending it and it got all water stained and we both panicked and thought it was ruined forever. Luckily a good oxyclean bath and prayers to Mana got the stains out and it is in perfect condition again. Costed me a year of my life for sure haha.

This print though, the details are so good

Also can we talk about how this blue is so bright and so beautiful?? It matches so well with my blue cross necklace, I am very happy.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Floral 3 tier OP

A 2003 beauty and long time dream dress of mine came home in 2021! I loove how comfortable it is, all the tiers of delicious lace and the floral textured pattern. The fit is beautiful and I adore all the details.

I mean, look at this beauty..

This dress is also light enough for summer weather and a good eating dress haha. I love it so much!!

A simple coord I wore with it the other day
Victorian Maiden Corset Apron

This buy is not a main piece, but a layering piece I have been wanting for a long time! It was a dream to finally acquire and the fit is perfect on my body, I am super happy to make many coords with it once it is colder!!

This older tag🖤

The corset apron has some lovely simple lace and a very flattering cut. I hope to layer it over my whole wardrobe at this point haha, very excited and happy about this item!

Angelic Pretty Removable Fur Collar Cape (2002)

This last favorite buy is aptly named removable fur collar cape, as I of course forgot to grab the removable fur collar for the photos. It is a 2002 item and featured in the third Gothic and Lolita Bible. It is huge, soft and perfect for winter. But my main reason for buying was that it is festured in one of my favorite ads!

From GLB #3

I mean, couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it ans bought it! It is in very good condition which makes me so happy! Definitely is about to become a favorite this winter!

Well this concludes my post with spoils from the past six months, I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse at my personal style and things I enjoy! Thanks Bibliotheca for encouraging to write another post. And until next time! ❤️

Lolita Day Out: Voices of Fashion exhibit👗

A major new fashion exhibition entitled Voices of Fashion. Black Couture, Beauty and Styles opened at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and my friends and I were really excited to go and visit! The show is the first ever staged by an art museum in the Netherlands to query the white gaze as the default vantage point from which to present, wear and collect fashion. Underpinning the exhibition are years of research by black, brown and white people that show that the fashion world and our relationship with it continue to be shaped by the legacies of European colonialism. Voices of Fashion takes you on a little told story of fashion.

I thought this expo was so important as you can clearly see the influence from Black culture all over the fashion world. They shape the fashion world and its trends. Which makes it extra bizarre that on international fashion weeks, only 1% of the fashion designers is Black. Time for change and this expo definitely made sure to celebrate Black culture and take steps to decolonize the fashion world!

When I walked in with my friends Katie and Anna, we saw 25 mannequins dressed in couture from Black designers, a mix from international designers and upcoming Dutch designers. All the mannequins were Black and had super diverse wigs and hairstyles, I thought this was so well done!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite looks from this first room, all so creative and colorful, I was in awe!

I mean, this is everything
Mixing tartans!!
Just speechless at this beauty
Rolling up to the tea party like this 🖤

The second room was all about hiphop. There was a sound system blasting sounds reminiscent of house, techno and hiphop. They also showcased some old vinyls from Salt-N-Pepa and Eric B. & Rakim, artists that really represent hiphop. There were some mannequins in some iconic brands like Walker Wear and Cross Colours. There was also some work from Dapper Dan. Had to photograph and show some favorites again here!

I loove the colorblocking that Cross Colours does.
Love this

Then we went to the third room and in the hall were statement shirts with texts like ‘Black Lives Matter’, ‘Do You See Us Now?’ en ‘Beyond Classically Beautiful’. There was also the famous black bag that says “Black Models Matter” and it was so powerful to see these statements made.

In the third room there are photos and art celebrating strong Black women who led the way in the fashion and entertainment industry. I was very moved by a particular painting and the discussion around skin color that inspired it. The artist really moved me with this.

On the other side of the room, there were all kind of barbie dolls from Mattel and I screamed, loved seeing super diverse barbie dolls.

We were almost at the end at this point, we saw some installations and short films asking, where are we really from and where are we now. All installations and films made a clear statement, it is time for change. It was powerful.

I was blown away from this exhibition and can recommend if you are on Utrecht, it is in the Centraal Museum until the 15th of August.

Afterwards we had a few drinks in the museum garden and took some cute photos, we all wore oldschool incidentally and that was cute!

My coord for the day was simple oldschool with bigger hair.

Headbow: Summer Tales Boutique

Blouse, capelet, skirt: Metamorphose

Bustier: Heart E

Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Bloomers: Anna House

Bag: Bodyline

After a few drinks we went to a Japanese restaurant and I had an amazing miso eggplant don. And of course some nice gyoza.

I hope you liked reading about my day out and the exhibition I was so excited to visit. Until next time!

Lolita Day Out: High Tea at Round & Round 🍵🍰

Hi everyone!

Restaurants and cafes opened up here again, with proper precautions of course, and I was so excited to support one of my favorite places again! So me and my dear friend Anna went to have a proper afternoon tea again at Round and Round🌼

Round and Round is a cute little cafe, specialized in Japanese patisserie, desserts and pancakes. They have the most matcha dishes I have ever seen and many types of teas and cute drinks! Their afternoon teas are often themed, but since they just opened up, they had their standard selection. I am not complaining though, everything was perfect!

The afternoon tea included a lavender calpis soda as a starter. Then we got cake rolls, I chose an earl grey rose flavor, and a daily signature cake, for which I chose a strawberry cheesecake. The afternoon also included stewed apple tart with fruit topping, matcha pudding, sandwiches, passion fruit pound cake, dorayaki, matcha hojicha cookies and matcha nama chocolate. Next to all this food, we also got 2 hours of unlimited Japanese tea.

The lavender calpis!
Signature cake roll and cake 🍓
All the other good food❤️

I even made short video of all the afternoon goodness if you want to see it in motion🥰

Round and Round afternoon tea in motion❤️

Then we move on to my coordinate of the day. I really wanted to dress up for the occasion and had been watching the Malice Mizer silent movie Bara no Konrei just before. I recently was able to acquire a grey nun OP from Metamorphose that made all my nun dreams come true. I love old Meta so much😭❤️ I told Anna the night before I would be wearing a nun look inspired by the Malice Mizer movie and she brought me a rose as a surprise to finish the look, it was so sweet!

Coord rundown🖤

Nun headpiece: Alice and the Pirates

Dress: Metamorphose

Socks, necklace: Moi Meme Moitie

Shoes: Dream V

I felt so happy to wear this look out, it was very OTT haha, but I felt really comfortable and happy, it was worth it! I had a nice day and cannot wait to explore some more cute cafes again🥰

Review: Summer Tales Boutique “De Nachtwacht” skirt 🎨

Hi beautiful readers!

For some reason my blog is turning into a bit of a review blog, but trust me, I have other posts in my drafts! I just think reviews of smaller brands are super useful and I love talking about them. But I promise, will write something different soon haha!

This time however, a gorgeous package from Summer Tales Boutique arrived, containing a pre-order item I ordered back in September 2020, de Nachtwacht skirt, the latest installment in their Dutch Masters series. I feel like a Pokémon trainer with this series, gonna catch ’em all! So I had to get the latest one, also because I did the styling for their official photoshoot and afterwards I needed the item😅 (a problem that would occur more hahaha, also bought their latest apron after wearing it in their photoshoot)

Stock photo

Fun fact, we did the photoshoot only with the JSK version, so was very set on a long JSK. Then Katie, the owner of Summer Tales Boutique, previewed this skirt design and I immediately changed my mind. High waisted with velvet ribbon detailing? I NEED IT.

This collection was very versatile in picking options. I could choose between a long and short JSK, a long and short skirt, high or normal waist, options were plenty. But on top of that, you could choose which fabric you wanted! Summer Tales Boutique is doing great on their sustainability journey and the options were either bamboo or recycled PET bottles for fabric 😱 To be fair, I had a hard time choosing and had the luxury to stop by and see the fabrics (thank you Summer Tales Boutique!) The bamboo felt very similar to cotton and the print was a bit darker, the recycled PET bottles had a brownish tone and felt a bit softer. In the end, I went with bamboo as I loved the darker tone of the print a bit more personally.

Here it is! It is a bit wrinkled, should have steamed it for the photos haha. You can see the rich colors and the dark background, which is perfectly with the chiffon ruffle and the velveteen detailing on the high waist.

The print is super sharp, you can see all the details from the painting also clear on the skirt, like the texture of the clothes, shades in the face, highlights on their jewelry. I am very pleased with the print quality!

Here is the famous little girl in de Nachtwacht, looking luminous and angelic on the skirt as well, love how well it translates on this fabric!

Let’s talk about the high waist detailing that won me over on this skirt in the first place. It has lovely velvet ribbon woven through and it fits like a glove on my body. The front of the bodice stays very straight and in place when worn due to the shirring on the back, a very smart design choice! It gives a little military vibe that suits the painting very well.

Here a quick shot of the back shirring and the beautiful ribbon woven through.

The skirt is finished with a chiffon ruffle, which is quite long but nice. As the skirt is long as well, with the ruffle it hits my ankles. I can just wear it without stepping on it at 1.66 cm, something to keep in mind if you are shorter. However, Summer Tales Boutique does shorter cuts and custom sizing with no extra charge, so keep that in mind if you are interested in their painting print pieces as well!

Overall, I really love the skirt and how Summer Tales Boutique is making steps in sustainability. The cut is gorgeously, the fit is great and except that this needs to be steamed regularly, I love the fabric haha. The length is a tad long, but otherwise perfect and I cannot wait to wear it out!

Summer Tales Boutique does a painting print every year and am excited to see the next one👀❤️ I am sure if they keep up this level, they will come for my wallet haha.

Why lolita fashion has been a lasting love for me❤️

Hi everyone!

The June theme for the Bibliotheca blogger circle has been decided and it is all about graduation. Graduating (or not) from the fashion or what you would wear for graduation. I graduated years ago, so decided to forfeit the last option and write about how I am not graduating from this fashion (yet?) , because last month I celebrated 14 years in this fashion and community! So, why is it a lasting love? 🖤

One of my first coords, back in the day

I started wearing this fashion in 2007, I was 14 years old at the time. I was in love with goth culture and music and I stumbled upon a photo of Mana after looking for ways to wear victorian goth more practically in 2006. I already listened to some visual kei back then, but then got very into Malice Mizer and decided I wanted to wear lolita fashion like Mana. A year later I bought my first dress, from Moitie, within the Netherlands for a steal (I was 14 after all). Then it was on🖤

Starting out, I wore (attempts to) gothic lolita with my one dress haha, slowly collecting more pieces that were by Linda Friesen, Bodyline and thrifted items that I altered with lace. Later on I added more brands like Meta and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

Then 2011 rolled around and JetJ made their first painting print. I fell in love completely and started to wear classic too, also a lot more daily. Then in 2014 I added more otome brands and 2017 I went back to my first loves mostly, gothic and oldschool, the style that I fell in love with! 🖤 Now in 2021, I wear mostly these styles with some 90s Fruits inspiration and a hint of classic and wa.

So why haven’t I left yet? I think this is so complicated, but lolita has enough creative inspiration for me every time. I love to get creative and it always inspires me. On the other hand, it is also a daily fashion for me and I just want to feel comfy and pretty. This is something this fashion allows too❤️ But really, the reason why I love the fashion is deeper and more personal.

I cannot even put into words how this fashion has formed me and how it is so intertwined in my life, but I am gonna try. This year marks 14 years in the fashion for me. That is literally half my life. Coming from a very religious household, this fashion and goth music became my life savers🖤 I was able to creatively express myself and my looks became an extension of my (queer) personality, attitude and inner whirlwind. I feel uniquely myself when putting on these clothes in all forms. It is a shield from the world, yet a way to actually bond.

Speaking of that, I made many like-minded friends through this fashion and had experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise like modelling, organising international events, meeting designers I admire – I mean, meeting Mana was everything to me💙 It is so intertwined with me at this point, I don’t know what would have come of me without it. I am thankful for this fashion and community, they literally saved me many times.

So far my personal story and why this fashion keeps on being so important to me, hope you liked reading it, until next time💞

Comparing Baby’s 2001 heart bag to their 2006 heart bag❤️

Hi everyone!

Today I am back with a new post!

Since last month, I am honored to be part of Bibliotheca, a blogger circle of various jfashion blogs. It has been inspiring to meet other bloggers and brainstorm on common themes. For May, the theme was bags! Everyone could have their own take on it and so here I am today with a comparison of two heart bags from the same brand, five or six years apart♥️

The left bag is the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright heart bag from 2001. The right bag is the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright heart bag from approximately 2006. I bought both secondhand and as the second design has multiple releases, I am not sure of the exact year. However, the listing said 2006 so I go with that.

Let’s first look at that 2001 beauty, 20 years old today and cannot believe how beautiful it still is😭

This design has a ribbon and some sort of ladder design, finished of with beautiful scalloped lace. The color is a darker red, but still bright compared to burgundy. The handles are in the same material as the bag and quite sturdy!

As you look closer, the lace is also made out of pleather material, like the rest of the bag, except for then ribbon which is actually fabric.

Inside the bag has the Babyntag and red fabric lining. It is honestly still in wonderful condition for such an old bag, it even still has the shoulder strap I didn’t photograph. Overall, a beautiful design!

Also a fun detail, the pleather scallop lace continues on the back of the bag!

Then we go to the second bag! This design has a big bow out of pleather and no ribbon anymore. The lace around the bag is rose themed and this bag has metal handles.

The first very big difference is that this bag has the brand’s logo emblem on the front. I think it is a lovely detail.

The metal straps are actually very useful and less likely to fall apart compared to the pleather handles of the other bag.

The rose lace on this bag is actually fabric instead of the pleather details of the other bag. I feel this has both pros and cons. A pro is that it is easy to clean this way. A con is that I find the pleather details a bit more refined.

A fun fact is that they both have the same textured red lining!! And the same label sewn in.

The bag of the bag sadly has no lace details like the other bag. But it has a clean minimalistic finishing instead.

Overall I truly love both bags! The black one is definitely used more as the red one is my precious baby, but both are gorgeous. I love the look of a good heart bag and both designs are nice! Baby still releases the design of the black heart bag in multiple colors, so I hope this closer look was helpful, I can only recommend it! ♥️

Review: Requiem Coffin headdress and Sweet Sonata headdress 🖤

Hello everyone!

I am back today with another review, this time for the Korean indie brand Requiem, who makes beautiful headdresses.

Requiem is a Korean lolita brand, who aims for the beauty of Gothic and Lolita. They have three designers, Alice, Ram and Ran, who make what they like🖤

I follow Alice on Instagram and one day she announced that Requiem would have a limited order run again for their famous coffin headdress, a wardrobe staple for many lolitas. She also showed the Sweet Sonata headdress, a design she made back in 2007 but made again this year with a few adjustments! 2007 was the year I started this fashion and I remembered photos of this particular design, so was super pleased to be able to purchase it!

Stock photo white coffin headdress
Stock photo Sweet Sonata headdress

The order run started on April 25 so I emailed then to place my order! After careful consideration I decided to go for the white coffin headdress as it would be the most versatile in my wardrobe. It however came in many other colour variations, like black, cobalt blue with white, red with black etc. All with lovely details and finishings 🖤 After I placed my order it took only 10 minutes to get a confirmation and invoice. Once that was paid, Requiem shipped the package, on April 27. They shipped by EMS and the package arrived at my place today, May 8.

The headdresses!

They came carefully packaged in a small box. Let’s first take a closer look at the white coffin headdress!

Here it is in full glory! The coffin shape is remarkable and I adore the thick floral lace. It has a good size for a headpiece and looks good with both my natural hair and a wig. The little cross detail is precious!

I love the little pearl details on the cross, so precious! It truly gives the headdress an elevated luxurious feel🖤

What I find really practical is multiple clips in the back, they fasten really well and give great reinforcement that way.

Overall I am very pleased with this headdress and cannot wait to wear it soon ❤️ The quality and construction very beautiful, I would recommend.

Now let’s take closer look at the Sweet Sonata headdress!

Let me preface this that I have no knowledge of crocheting at all. That said, this looks to be very high quality! It is thick and durable with no loose threads at all! I absolutely love the design too and the sizing is perfect to wear with both a wig and my natural hair.

This is again fastened with clips and it is so convenient. I appreciate the clip in the middle too for extra firmness on the head.

The headdresses both came with a Requiem tag that had the name of the item handwritten on it and I also got two Requiem stickers, which I really appreciated.

So overall:

Quality of both items is very good, I am very impressed with both! They were shipped very fast after payment and arrived within 10 days with EMS shipping. I was very impressed with the customer service, the care of the package with the labels and stickers and the overall products. The conclusion is that I can wholeheartedly recommend Requiem and am excited to see their future designs 🖤

Review: L’Esprit de La Noblesse Lily & Rose JSK 🌸

Today I wanted to write a review for the Lily and Rose JSK from L’Esprit de la Noblesse, that arrived earlier today. I was so excited to see it in real life after the waiting period, I ordered in July 2020, and it was completely worth the wait. L’Esprit de la Noblesse is a Russian brand by the lovely Nicolas and Elizabeth, who make historical inspired garments.

Stock photo

When I ordered this dress, you could choose if you wanted a high or normal waist and you could choose if you wanted lace on the bottom or not. I decided to go for high waist and no lace, as I have an underskirt that would be a perfect match if I desired and like a simple skirt!

The dress was $230 and shipping to my country was $35. It took a month to arrive after it was shipped March 16. L’Esprit de la Noblesse gracefully kept me updated throughout the entire order process and waiting time, their reply was always swiftly and made me feel reassured! Today, April 18, the dress arrived!

Here is the dress in its full glory, it has the loveliest muted pastel colors and the print is very crisp, like I hoped it would be!

Here is a close up on the print, this is my favorite panel with all the roses and the knight on the horse. The fabric is extremely beautiful, it has a lovely woven texture, almost like silk, but my guess it is a high quality poly blend!

Here you can see the texture of the fabric and the other panels on the print, filled with knights, noble people, nature and poetry🌸 It truly speaks to me.

Here is a closer look at the bodice, that has the lovely lily print. It also has some darts, a side zipper in pink and a nice detail..

… Back shirring!

The hem has the same lovely print that goes all throughout the skirt part. The dress is lined with a lovely fabric, also in some rose golden color.

The dress was made in size S and it is a perfect fit. I haven’t made a full coordinate with it yet, but am excited to do so soon!

Overall, I would really recommend L’Esprit de la Noblesse. The waiting time is quite long, but you get a gorgeous garment that has incredible quality. I am very pleased with my purchase and would absolutely buy from them again💕

Three different coordinates with AatP Theatre de l’ erreur ~Lost paradise~ JSK I🖤

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a little prompt of one dress – three coordinates. I wear my dresses in many different coords and figured I could participate with one of my favourite prints, Theatre de l’erreur ~ Lost Paradise~ from Alice and the Pirates.

I want to make print closeups of this piece soon and write another blogpost on how I love it and focusing on the details, but for today, let’s look at three different ways to coordinate this!

Lilith inspired

The first coordinate I wanted to talk about, is this Lilith inspired coordinate. Every time I think about the Garden of Eden, I also think of Lilith, Adam’s first wife according to scripture and the first woman to be branded a witch in early theology. So wanted to go with a witchy vibe and what better then to use my I Do Declare blouse? 🖤 The huge tulle sleeves give it a witchy vibe. I also added a Antique Beast hat, a Mossbadger witch brooch and vintage pointy boots to stay in this vibe. As we were still working within a garden theme, I also wanted to add flowers and fruits. Hence the black rose corsage, Mossmarchen embroidery necklace and this offbrand apple necklace. I was first thinking rose tights with this coord too, but wanted to create more visual interest, so went with AatP socks with frames as well to match the frames on the dress.

Floral interpretation

Here is the second coordinate with a more classical and floral approach. More inspired by the actual garden 🖤 I went with these lily tights as I wish I could grow them, sadly they are poison for my kitty, so I only admire them from a great distance. Then I added some orange to bring out that colour and give it a sunny feeling! I felt these colours together really gave a calm garden feel and the accessories highlighted that!

Macabre take on the garden

For the last coordinate, I went with a more macabre feel, begging the question if the garden is paradise or more a graveyard? I symbolized it with memento mori themed tights, after all, remember to die, all is vain. And then with my favorite choker, detailed with a spine and flower, very Hannibal, but also a very vivid reminder of how our bodies are decomposing somehow. I paired it with a big mourning hat, that has sober purple flowers and thought it was all fitting within this macabre take, with the black and purple accents.

I hope you liked seeing my one dress, three ways series! I definitely want to do it more as I truly believe in yhe versatility of our wardrobes and loved pieces! 💜 Thank you for reading and until next time!

Print Details: Metamorphose Kimono Print Shirring Tiered JSK🌸

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with another print details post, this time for my Metamorphose Kimono Print Shirring Tiered JSK, after a request from my friend Julia for close-up pictures of this particular dress!

Stock photo

First a little story time. This dress got released in 2013 in this cream colourway and in a purple x yellow colourway. I obtained this dress in 2018 when I bought it off Lacemarket from a friend. I fell head over heels for this crane birds fabric print and when it arrived, I was even more stunned by all the details in this print❤️ Also because this dress is fully shirred, it is one of my most comfortable pieces.

So here is my own photo of the dress. The bright red is very striking and I love the numerous ribbons. None of them are stitched, so it is always fun checking of all ribbons are tied before leaving the house haha!

Here is a close up of the print. I absolutely love the crane birds and how colorful this is. Of course the red is very striking, but there is also pink, purple, several green tones, some blue and even gold💕 So it has many coordinate possibilities!

Here is a closer look at the bodice. It is fully shirred and features a subtle gold lace at the top. There are buttons to give even more coordinate options and all of them are covered in fabric, so they don’t stand out too much.

The bottom of the dress is tiered, which is lovely and every tier features red ribbon and a bow. The bottom lace is the same gold lace at the top, which is subtle, but gorgeous.

The buttons go down all the way and are all functional, making it possible to also wear this dress open for more coordinate possibilities ❤️❤️ I love all these details that Meta puts in, they really make sure you can get the most out of your garment when you buy from them!

There is a gorgeous texture in the fabric with a subtle cream print all throughout, giving it more depth. The crane bird is my favorite print detail so had to feature it here!

Here is some close up of the florals, which also shows the gold details a lot better. I love how shiny the gold is and how it is beautifully woven throughout this print.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the print up close and until next time❤️