Print details: Kazuzo Ogawa 0009 OP (Mini)🖤

Hello everyone!

I’m back with my series “print details” where I show close-ups from dresses, with today featuring a non-print dress😂 However it is a very special one to me, my first dress by Kazuko Ogawa, the 0009 OP (Mini).

Kazuko Ogawa was a small brand from Japan, active from approximately 2000-2005. The designer was known for being one of the first of Japanese brands that were inclusive, she made pieces in custom measurements and shipped internationally in a time where that was not common yet. The brand stopped making clothes around 2005 and in 2022 their website returned! The designer still doesn’t make clothes, but makes tiny dog statues now that are cute.

The interest for this brand resurfaced with the old school trend and prices skyrocketed for their pieces, which are hard to find. So I was overjoyed to find one and own a piece of lolita history!🖤

The 0009 OP (Mini) came out in 2004. It comes in black, black x white and a leather black. It says bust and waist are more or less free on Lolibrary, mine however is made for max 87 cm bust and 70 cm waist. It came in different materials, I have the black velveteen version. Here is the offical stock photo🖤

Kazuko Ogawa 0009 OP (Mini)

And here is my dress!

My Kazuko Ogawa 0009 OP!🖤

It is a simple black velveteen design with lots of ribbons and a ruched up skirt. I really love this last detail, something we don’t see often in lolita anymore.

The bodice featueres a long ribbon in the middle and a simple row of raschel lace on top. At the shoulders, there are also two long ribbons.

The ruched up bottom of the dress has a long ribbon at every ruched up part and features a row of soft raschel lace as well.

The sleeves are also finished with the same raschel lace and ribbons, making it a very cohesive and beautiful design🖤

The back has velveteen non-removable waist ties and a zipper as well.

I am also obsessed with the tag, featuring little cherubs, their website and phone number!

Overall I am pretty obsessed with my first piece and it would be a dream to find another one from this brand, preferably a black x white design. Hopefully I am able to one day🙏🖤 Thank you for looking and hope you enjoyed seeing a garment from this old school brand!

Until next time🖤


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