Comparing Baby’s 2001 heart bag to their 2006 heart bag❤️

Hi everyone!

Today I am back with a new post!

Since last month, I am honored to be part of Bibliotheca, a blogger circle of various jfashion blogs. It has been inspiring to meet other bloggers and brainstorm on common themes. For May, the theme was bags! Everyone could have their own take on it and so here I am today with a comparison of two heart bags from the same brand, five or six years apart♥️

The left bag is the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright heart bag from 2001. The right bag is the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright heart bag from approximately 2006. I bought both secondhand and as the second design has multiple releases, I am not sure of the exact year. However, the listing said 2006 so I go with that.

Let’s first look at that 2001 beauty, 20 years old today and cannot believe how beautiful it still is😭

This design has a ribbon and some sort of ladder design, finished of with beautiful scalloped lace. The color is a darker red, but still bright compared to burgundy. The handles are in the same material as the bag and quite sturdy!

As you look closer, the lace is also made out of pleather material, like the rest of the bag, except for then ribbon which is actually fabric.

Inside the bag has the Babyntag and red fabric lining. It is honestly still in wonderful condition for such an old bag, it even still has the shoulder strap I didn’t photograph. Overall, a beautiful design!

Also a fun detail, the pleather scallop lace continues on the back of the bag!

Then we go to the second bag! This design has a big bow out of pleather and no ribbon anymore. The lace around the bag is rose themed and this bag has metal handles.

The first very big difference is that this bag has the brand’s logo emblem on the front. I think it is a lovely detail.

The metal straps are actually very useful and less likely to fall apart compared to the pleather handles of the other bag.

The rose lace on this bag is actually fabric instead of the pleather details of the other bag. I feel this has both pros and cons. A pro is that it is easy to clean this way. A con is that I find the pleather details a bit more refined.

A fun fact is that they both have the same textured red lining!! And the same label sewn in.

The bag of the bag sadly has no lace details like the other bag. But it has a clean minimalistic finishing instead.

Overall I truly love both bags! The black one is definitely used more as the red one is my precious baby, but both are gorgeous. I love the look of a good heart bag and both designs are nice! Baby still releases the design of the black heart bag in multiple colors, so I hope this closer look was helpful, I can only recommend it! ♥️


2 thoughts on “Comparing Baby’s 2001 heart bag to their 2006 heart bag❤️

    1. josinemaaike Post author

      Thank you so much, the bag is quite rare and I still consider myself so lucky to find it in such good condition ♥️ The pleather design is out of this world!



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