Review: Requiem Coffin headdress and Sweet Sonata headdress 🖤

Hello everyone!

I am back today with another review, this time for the Korean indie brand Requiem, who makes beautiful headdresses.

Requiem is a Korean lolita brand, who aims for the beauty of Gothic and Lolita. They have three designers, Alice, Ram and Ran, who make what they like🖤

I follow Alice on Instagram and one day she announced that Requiem would have a limited order run again for their famous coffin headdress, a wardrobe staple for many lolitas. She also showed the Sweet Sonata headdress, a design she made back in 2007 but made again this year with a few adjustments! 2007 was the year I started this fashion and I remembered photos of this particular design, so was super pleased to be able to purchase it!

Stock photo white coffin headdress
Stock photo Sweet Sonata headdress

The order run started on April 25 so I emailed then to place my order! After careful consideration I decided to go for the white coffin headdress as it would be the most versatile in my wardrobe. It however came in many other colour variations, like black, cobalt blue with white, red with black etc. All with lovely details and finishings 🖤 After I placed my order it took only 10 minutes to get a confirmation and invoice. Once that was paid, Requiem shipped the package, on April 27. They shipped by EMS and the package arrived at my place today, May 8.

The headdresses!

They came carefully packaged in a small box. Let’s first take a closer look at the white coffin headdress!

Here it is in full glory! The coffin shape is remarkable and I adore the thick floral lace. It has a good size for a headpiece and looks good with both my natural hair and a wig. The little cross detail is precious!

I love the little pearl details on the cross, so precious! It truly gives the headdress an elevated luxurious feel🖤

What I find really practical is multiple clips in the back, they fasten really well and give great reinforcement that way.

Overall I am very pleased with this headdress and cannot wait to wear it soon ❤️ The quality and construction very beautiful, I would recommend.

Now let’s take closer look at the Sweet Sonata headdress!

Let me preface this that I have no knowledge of crocheting at all. That said, this looks to be very high quality! It is thick and durable with no loose threads at all! I absolutely love the design too and the sizing is perfect to wear with both a wig and my natural hair.

This is again fastened with clips and it is so convenient. I appreciate the clip in the middle too for extra firmness on the head.

The headdresses both came with a Requiem tag that had the name of the item handwritten on it and I also got two Requiem stickers, which I really appreciated.

So overall:

Quality of both items is very good, I am very impressed with both! They were shipped very fast after payment and arrived within 10 days with EMS shipping. I was very impressed with the customer service, the care of the package with the labels and stickers and the overall products. The conclusion is that I can wholeheartedly recommend Requiem and am excited to see their future designs 🖤

4 thoughts on “Review: Requiem Coffin headdress and Sweet Sonata headdress 🖤

    1. josinemaaike Post author

      Thank you so so much! It is definitely a lovely well made piece, I am so happy to have bought it after thinking about it for quite some time!



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