Three different coordinates with AatP Theatre de l’ erreur ~Lost paradise~ JSK I🖤

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a little prompt of one dress – three coordinates. I wear my dresses in many different coords and figured I could participate with one of my favourite prints, Theatre de l’erreur ~ Lost Paradise~ from Alice and the Pirates.

I want to make print closeups of this piece soon and write another blogpost on how I love it and focusing on the details, but for today, let’s look at three different ways to coordinate this!

Lilith inspired

The first coordinate I wanted to talk about, is this Lilith inspired coordinate. Every time I think about the Garden of Eden, I also think of Lilith, Adam’s first wife according to scripture and the first woman to be branded a witch in early theology. So wanted to go with a witchy vibe and what better then to use my I Do Declare blouse? 🖤 The huge tulle sleeves give it a witchy vibe. I also added a Antique Beast hat, a Mossbadger witch brooch and vintage pointy boots to stay in this vibe. As we were still working within a garden theme, I also wanted to add flowers and fruits. Hence the black rose corsage, Mossmarchen embroidery necklace and this offbrand apple necklace. I was first thinking rose tights with this coord too, but wanted to create more visual interest, so went with AatP socks with frames as well to match the frames on the dress.

Floral interpretation

Here is the second coordinate with a more classical and floral approach. More inspired by the actual garden 🖤 I went with these lily tights as I wish I could grow them, sadly they are poison for my kitty, so I only admire them from a great distance. Then I added some orange to bring out that colour and give it a sunny feeling! I felt these colours together really gave a calm garden feel and the accessories highlighted that!

Macabre take on the garden

For the last coordinate, I went with a more macabre feel, begging the question if the garden is paradise or more a graveyard? I symbolized it with memento mori themed tights, after all, remember to die, all is vain. And then with my favorite choker, detailed with a spine and flower, very Hannibal, but also a very vivid reminder of how our bodies are decomposing somehow. I paired it with a big mourning hat, that has sober purple flowers and thought it was all fitting within this macabre take, with the black and purple accents.

I hope you liked seeing my one dress, three ways series! I definitely want to do it more as I truly believe in yhe versatility of our wardrobes and loved pieces! 💜 Thank you for reading and until next time!

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