Print Details: Metamorphose Kimono Print Shirring Tiered JSK🌸

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with another print details post, this time for my Metamorphose Kimono Print Shirring Tiered JSK, after a request from my friend Julia for close-up pictures of this particular dress!

Stock photo

First a little story time. This dress got released in 2013 in this cream colourway and in a purple x yellow colourway. I obtained this dress in 2018 when I bought it off Lacemarket from a friend. I fell head over heels for this crane birds fabric print and when it arrived, I was even more stunned by all the details in this print❤️ Also because this dress is fully shirred, it is one of my most comfortable pieces.

So here is my own photo of the dress. The bright red is very striking and I love the numerous ribbons. None of them are stitched, so it is always fun checking of all ribbons are tied before leaving the house haha!

Here is a close up of the print. I absolutely love the crane birds and how colorful this is. Of course the red is very striking, but there is also pink, purple, several green tones, some blue and even gold💕 So it has many coordinate possibilities!

Here is a closer look at the bodice. It is fully shirred and features a subtle gold lace at the top. There are buttons to give even more coordinate options and all of them are covered in fabric, so they don’t stand out too much.

The bottom of the dress is tiered, which is lovely and every tier features red ribbon and a bow. The bottom lace is the same gold lace at the top, which is subtle, but gorgeous.

The buttons go down all the way and are all functional, making it possible to also wear this dress open for more coordinate possibilities ❤️❤️ I love all these details that Meta puts in, they really make sure you can get the most out of your garment when you buy from them!

There is a gorgeous texture in the fabric with a subtle cream print all throughout, giving it more depth. The crane bird is my favorite print detail so had to feature it here!

Here is some close up of the florals, which also shows the gold details a lot better. I love how shiny the gold is and how it is beautifully woven throughout this print.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the print up close and until next time❤️

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